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Gain Strength Post-New-Age. A Quiz.

strength post-new-age

To gain personal strength Post-New-Age, is love enough?

How do I aim to help you to gain strength Post-New-Age? By inviting you to think intelligently about widely accepted ideas like “Choose love over fear.” Is that a valid way to solve your problems?

Only you can decide for yourself. Here’s where I come from: Certain New Age beliefs have become totally mainstream. However, the stream of life is flowing now in an altogether different direction.  Appealing though certain ideas may be, the sooner we relinquish those old pretties, the better.

Quiz Your Age of Awakening Power of NO

Say YES to this quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO.

Say YES to this quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO.

Sometimes saying NO isn’t “Being negative” but using your power. So important in The Age of Awakening! Take this quiz and see.

Why I Developed this Quiz on Your Age of Awakening Power of NO

Life today is even more complicated than before The Shift, and not just because you’re in the first generation that is learning how to live in The Age of Awakening.

Remember the thrill, when you were two years old, and discovered the magic of saying NO?

Life is way more complicated now. Personal growth since toddlerhood… requires that sometimes you decide to say YES.

Deciding YES or NO, then acting upon it, matters a lot for using your personal power. Especially now, in The Age of Awakening.

Lately we’ve had some great comments here at the blog about using your power to say NO.

Truth is…

Forgiveness Quiz


Forgiveness is very much on the national mind, given an election that was so hard fought and polarized. But a need for forgiveness hardly waits to come up just every four years.

When you need it, you need it. Whenever.

But what is the best way to get forgiveness? Maybe today’s quiz can help clarify things for you, whether add zest to your current beliefs or open up new possibilities.

Empaths, living during earth changes


Of course, empaths are on my mind this morning. Today’s the day for an in-depth radio interview with the great Rebecca Jernigan!

Details for listening and calling in, texting in, diving in, are at an earlier post about this Empath Radio Interview.

You may know that a teacher’s knowledge flows based on demand. Not that different from milk production if you’re nurturing a baby, as some of you Blog-Buddies may remember in a rather visceral, squirty, leak-onto-your-clothing, way. 😉

Spiritual Addiction Quiz – Answers


Today’s post will provide answers to the Spiritual Addiction Quiz in our last post. I dedicate this article to GLADYS, a new client who managed to start sessions with me right before tipping over into full spiritual addiction.

HSPs Versus Empaths. What’s the Diff?


HSPs Versus Empaths. Can you tell the difference?

HSPs. Empaths. Do you wonder which is which?

Could be, you could use more clarity about the difference between being a Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP) versus being an empath. Well, today’s set of quiz answers may wind up helping a great deal.

When I set out to provide Answers 8-15 to our Psychopath-Inspired Quiz for Empaths, hello! The topic of HSPs became an elephant in the room.

Never one to ignore such invitations, I’m going to describe that elephant, not just the rest of the room.