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Candid Thoughts on Rap. A Guest Post by ISABELLA C.

What is the impact on your aura of garbage in the form of music?

What is the impact on your aura of garbage in the form of music?

Rap music may well impact your energy field, whether you purposely listen to it or not.

Yesterday we heard a Millennial male share his thoughts about rap music. Today a Millennial female speaks up. I’d like to hear from more of you Blog-Buddies on your reactions to Kanye West and, beyond that, rap music in general.

As a smart Post-New-Age consumer, that matters to YOU. Performances do impact you, all the way down to your aura.

STUFF can result. Frozen blocks can be deposited. And, of course, listening to any performer with interest for a minute or longer will almost always result in your having a cord of attachment to that performer. As well as a spiritual tie. However large. However lovely.

You DO know what the exception is right? About why you might not have a cord of attachment to that performer.  

Toss your answer into our COMMENT box below, Blog-Buddies. Hint: Very likely, the answer is not what you’re expecting.

And if you care about protecting yourself energetically, whether you like rap music or not, you have skin in this game.

Whether you’re a Millennial or not, you did not grow up in a time before radio. Or sound recordings. Entertainment is not just done by the wandering minstrel or the great travelling storyteller who visits your village every few years.

Mystery Solved about Rap Music, and How Kanye West Changed. A Guest Post by LEO

Rap music: Expressing just rage, or something else?

Rap music: Expressing just rage, or something more?

Blog-Buddies, have you ever asked yourself: Exactly what is it exactly that I love so much about rap music?

Not me. Rap music has not been my thing, ever. Occasionally I might admire cleverness when I happen to hear some. But my strongest experience of rap music pretty much sums up my usual taste for it.

Early one Friday evening I was sitting in the upstairs lounge of a posh ice cream parlor in Nishi Azabu, Tokyo. Crowds hadn’t come in yet; I had the place to myself.

Slowly I spooned in the luscious treat. My pricey dish of sweetness was supposed to be a homesickness remedy, because three weeks into any of my trips to Japan a huge wave of homesickness would strike me: 13 trips for 13.

Many’s the time I would sit in a Starbucks, listening to American music, eating my dependably yummy chocolate chip cookie. And discretely crying.

This time I had gone for My Strongest Homesickness Remedy. The allure of ice cream was far more powerful than mere cookie. Sure enough, I wasn’t tearing up now, but feeling fortunate to hang out at Hobson’s, eating a sample of my favorite food group.

As at a Tokyo Starbucks, American pop music was playing softly in the background. Suddenly it switched to a rap song, an angry one. Words like “bitch” and “ho” shocked me, like vinegar sauce suddenly poured on sweet dessert.