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How I Can, and Can’t, Help You Reach Enlightenment

Anita in Householder Enlightenment

Anita has been able to reach Enlightenment

Are you interested in Enlightenment? Today’s post describes how this particular Enlightenment Coach can — and can’t — help you to reach Enlightenment.

So Many Spiritual Seekers Would Love to Reach Enlightenment

A comment today from JNANA included a sentence that really moved me. Two of the candidates she proposed had been successful at making it onto my Enlightenment Life List. From her beautiful mystic’s heart JNANA wrote:

Sexually active gurus, guest posts by Dana and Lara


What makes a comment special enough to be promoted to its own post? For starters, a well written point of view on a topic of interest to this online community.

Usually I agree a whole lot with the opinions expressed in a guest post. Not always. Sometimes I disagree (even quite strongly) but want to air perspectives that contrast to mine.

After all, this blog is about DEEPER Perception, not some fantasized ROSE ROSETREE’S OMNISCIENT Perception. 😉