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Aura Reading, How Fame Changed Tom Cruise

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Yes, here comes an aura reading won by Blog-Buddy BRIDGET for her nomination of Tom Cruise for our Fame Change Contest for Face Reading or Aura Reading, Your Choice.

She nominated Tom Cruise as candidate for a Fame Aura Reading, meaning research of his chakra databanks, comparing how fame may have changed him. In her Comment 8 at that blog post, BRIDGET expressed curiousity about Cruise’s involvement in Scientology as well. She worked hard to find a photo pre-fame, and came up with “the only high school pic I can find where it doesn’t seem like he’s posing.”

When a child is born, celebrate with aura reading


“For unto us a child is born.” Isn’t that one of the most gorgeous aspects of Christmas? Here at Earth School, humans get to have babies.

Long before I became a mother, I would brake for babies. Walking down the street, a baby carriage would halt my stride, even stop my talking mid-sentence.

It was comical, actually, how this usually impatient person would lose all conversational ability. I would pause, practically drooling, to adore the unsteady steps of any random toddler.

What is Energetic Literacy?


Energetic Literacy, huh?

Maybe the term is new to you. Well, get used to it. Because Energetic Literacy is THE happening everyday skill in the Third Millennium.

Aura Reading to explore mysteries of Angela Merkel

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


First prize in our Mysterious Aura Reading Contest goes to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Or, you could say to Blog-Buddies JILL ERIN and RACHEL.

JILL ERIN described the political powerhouse this way:

Aura Reading Nobuo Uematsu

Aura Reading Nobuo Uematsu

Aura Reading Nobuo Uematsu. Insights from Melanie Shimokawa.

Aura Reading Nobuo Uematsu. Learn secrets of this artists through energetic literacy skills. Courtesy of guest post author Melanie Shimokawa.

Aura reading is practical in so many ways. One of my favorites is being able to research chakra databanks of my heroes.

Blog-Buddy Melanie clearly agrees. Because she has given us a beautiful guest post with aura reading of someone whose work she has loved for 20 years. When first she discovered Nobuo Uematsu’s work, Melanie was just 15.

And that praise counts for a lot extra since Melanie is, herself, a singer.

Mysterious Aura Reading Contest


Mysterious Aura Reading Contest

Mysterious Aura Reading Contest. What is It? And how can you win?

Mysterious Aura Reading Contest. Let’s replace the gossip with accurate info from Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Deeper perception made practical!

Hence our latest aura reading contest.

As usual, requirements to enter are simple. There is a closing date. Afterwards, up to three winning entries will be selected.

Each winning entry will receive a full aura reading post here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Aura reading of Terry Pratchett with Alzheimers

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


As promised, Blog-Buddies, there is going to be an aura reading post about Sir Terry Pratchett, Alzheimers included! That Alzheimers-tinged aura is being researched with Stage Three Energetic Literacy! Today!

Not within my comfort zone, particularly. But, really! What weirdly morbid aura reader would relish the chance to reserch someone with Alzheimers?

Reading energetic holograms, what is this type of aura reading?


Thank you, GLADYS. Because your question today made me realize that I have probably never given a good explanation of this process online anywhere. Yet this type of aura reading, with energetic holograms, has a lot of uses. It’s a good thing to know about.

At this blog, I have written many general articles about Stage Three Energetic Literacy — where you can research any chankra databank at will, one chakra databank at a time.

Sleeping a lot lately? Plus an upcoming radio interview including Romney and Obama.


Have you been sleeping a lot lately? Or having huge power/love/light surges right before sleep?

This could be a passing phase related to your living now, due to certain important vibrational shifts on Earth. You participate whether you know it or not, like it or not.

Hint: What’s going on is part of your path to Enlightenment. And how you handle the current vibe upgrade could speed your up or slow you down on that personal path to Enlightenment.

Knighted Terry Pratchett, Aura Reading

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Amanda wrote the magic words in her nomination during our Aura Reading Contest, Celebrating Humor. In Comment 8 she grabbed my attention this way:

[Terry Pratchett’s] Discworld novels have provided me with more pleasure than even Hogwarts, and in very much the same way: they are human, humane and humourous, and what a world he’s created for his readers to enjoy!