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Face Reading Frances Gerety

Face reading advertising superstar Frances Garety

Face Reading Frances Gerety, Advertising Superstar

Face Reading Frances Gerety. Learn about the most influential woman you’ve never met. Responsible for all those diamond engagement rings you see in American women.

So many engagement rings! So many diamonds! WHY?

Because of “Diamonds are forever.” And who started that meme? Frances Gerety!

Face Reading Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice. A Comparison Face Reading.

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All of us can be ennobled by using deeper perception on “The wise Latina.” Justice Sotomayor has been in the news lately, administering the oath of office to Vice-President Joe Biden. Her new memoir is out as well.

Although I haven’t yet read “My Beloved World,” I have seen her interviewed on TV, read about Sonia Sotomayor in the newspaper. Like you, perhaps, I learned that she began giving herself insulin injections for diabetes. By herself, age seven. By herself because of a flaky mother and a father whose hands shook too badly, from alcoholism, to help his daughter.

Face reading quiz. What is wrong with this picture?

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Since face reading is a live topic for us these days, Blog-Buddies, I wondered if you might enjoy critiquing some photos. Little photos A,B,C,D. Is each of these good for physiognomy or what?

The power of face reading, NEW or otherwise, is too useful to confine only to people we meet in person. Reading faces, you will surely want to extend your skills to become a Physiognomist of Photos.

So today, Dame Maggie Smith and Bono join our fun with face reading. Check out their physiognomy photos and share your opinion. Are these pictures useful for reading faces or not so much? (The power of face reading, with photos, does have a great deal with how suitable that photograph is in the first place.)

Please use the COMMENTS box below to give your ideas. Hint: This quiz is more sophisticated than you might think. Maybe a photo is good for one thing, bad for others, physiognomy-wise. So have some fun with this first quiz of 2013.

Bono from U2 is pictured as Photo A.
Click on this Bono Physiognomy Photo link to see the face reading photograph.

Free face reading on the radio


Yoo-hoo, a link from the future. Here is a link to the archived edition of the Rose Rosetree face reading interview with Rebecca Jernigan. Once the window opens, you will find a link that looks like this: 2013-01-18_JWR-Guest_RoseRosetree_Topic_Face_Readings.mp3 . After you click, wait a bit for it to load. Or just consider that pause a good chance to grab a mirror, so you can see your own face data from time to time, listening to the interview.

The NEW Power of Face Reading, Publication Day


It’s enough to make Anthony smile. Finally a new, updated book is available to help you read the secrets, a brand new how-to on Face Reading Secrets(R).

Here is the only systematic instruction you’ll find in print with the complete how-to’s for becoming adept at face reading. And not just any version of physiognomy, from the 5,000-year history of the art, but a humanistic, practical, accurate, and compassionate way to read faces in depth and detail.

Advance copies of The New Power of Face Reading

Advance copies of “The NEW Power of Face Reading”

Blog-Buddies, this latest face reading book has been such a labor of love. A Nook ebook edition has just come out. Soon the print copies will follow, along with Kindle and Smashwords editions for ebooks. Editions will be added onto today’s post as they become available.

Mitt Romney Smile

Mitt Romney Smile

Mitt Romney Smile. On an emoticon, a fake smile looks okay. But on a candidate for President of the U.S.?

Mitt Romney Smile? If it makes you cringe, maybe you can take advantage of a teachable moment. Learn some secrets of expression reading.

Energetic literacy is no quaint otherworldly hobby. At least, it need not be. Voting is one of many practical reasons to develop skills of energetic literacy.

To be clear, responsible people do not substitute energy readings for regular, sane, paying attention to objective reality.

Reality matters, especially for voting. Never is it smart to shirk your citizen’s duty to become well informed about political events, by listening to what candidates propose, by evaluating ideas with your worldly wisdom.

One thing to learn from face reading Phyllis Diller

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Mourned now, dead at 95, Phyllis Diller was a talented comic. You can see her zany spark from a photo in 1975. And the Internet today is all a-twinkle with her witty remarks, part of a dazzling career.

I really loved her work, her spunk, her satire, her face. At least, her authentic face, the one that developed over time and expressed her soul. Phyllis Diller’s authentic face before she followed in the face-steps of so many performers and had her appearance cosmetically altered, almost beyond recognition.

Face Reading the Marine, a Guest Post from A.J.

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Blog-Buddies, I have great respect for those in the military. “Thank you for your service” are words I will blurt out at every opportunity.

Among the retired army personnel I have known is JENNY, my best friend in my neighborhood in Sterling, Virginia. Her husband, an ex-Marine, was once one of TWO ex-Marine’s on my block… both named DOUG.

Face Reading Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

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It isn’t easy, face reading the newlyweds. But hey! Somebody’s got to do it… at least if she aims to do a Relationship Reading of Facebook Royalty Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan.

What makes this job tough? Reading faces on anyone really requires that you take a good look at that person’s face. Head shots are in short supply with wedding pictures for these lovebirds. Here’s what I had to do, as your resourceful physiognomist reporter. Started with the large Zuckerberg wedding picture, opened up in a separate window.