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January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter. May clean and joyful knowledge continue to ring.

January 2018 Newsletter — our first since the website redesign.

Will I continue to create that free monthly newsletter? Definitely.

“Reading Life Deeper” will continue, for sure. Here I’ll share some “What to expects” that may surprise you.

RES Trademarks — What You Never Knew Before. Newsletter Alert!

RES Trademarks

RES Trademarks — learn more about them in “Reading Life Deeper.”

RES Trademarks are the main topic in my upcoming newsletter. Yeah, trademarks, as in: Have you ever had a bright idea?

Well, of course! Every day you have so many of those shiny- delicious ideas. The question is, what have you done with them? Spoken those ideas aloud OR written something down OR used those ideas to help people OR something more?

Curious about Britain's Brand New Prime Minister, Theresa May?

Curious about new Prime Minister Theresa May?

Curious about new Prime Minister Theresa May?

Blog-Buddies, may I ask you a personal question? How much do you welcome change right now?

Hmmm, did I hear a cheering “Yay!” Or perhaps a tooth-clenching “Nay!”

It can be easier to accept change when we do two things:

  1. Follow the facts. Because there’s something steadying about human-level objective reality. Plus, there’s no substitute for knowing what is happening in reality, in contrast to focusing only on how folks feel about it.
  2. We can use !!!skills for deeper perception!!! to learn about what really makes people tick.

That combo can be so helpful for adjusting to the historic events in the U.K., with such impact for the entire European Union and, through that, the world.

As change roils through Great Britain, another surprise is the new prime minister. Who took office just yesterday. A politician who was barely in the news at the time of the Brexit vote.  Plus she’s a woman! Theresa May has become Britain’s the first female head of state since Margaret Thatcher.

Latest RES Newsletter Has Big News for Empaths

Yusuke, at the leading edge of Empath Empowerment®

Yusuke, at the leading edge of Empath Empowerment®

The April issue of “Reading Life Deeper” will go (very) live tomorrow.

It contains:

  • An inspiring article, of course.
  • The best of this blog, as usual.
  • And what’s really surprising?

You’ll read some pretty exciting news for empaths.

Even though you can always read a recycled, archival newsletter article here at the blog every month… a great idea from some of you Blog-Buddies that I’m implementing now… there’s something special about that fresh, tasty, monthly newsletter.

RES Knowledge Is Not Brought to You by a Stork

Invite All in Your Family Tree to Enjoy This Newsletter

Rejoicing in the roots of your family tree?

Rejoicing in the roots of your family tree?

For the March issue of my newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper,” I’m giving you a special kind of aura reading. Here’s a hint: In the main article, I’ll research the host of the Public Broadcasting System’s TV show,  “Finding Your Roots

With Stage Three Energetic Literacy, we can all do much better than a simple “Root Chakra Aura Reading.”

Wonderfully Human Reader, let’s enjoy a Root Chakra DATABANKS Reading, where I’ll compare and contrast what is happening with seven completely distinct Root Chakra databanks in the aura of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

For us, living now, this Root Chakra DATABANKS Reading is happening for the first time ever. Probably the first time that such a thing has ever been done on earth.

Cicely Tyson's Generously Empowering Aura

Announcing more celebrity readings to come

Announcing more celebrity readings to come

Here’s a Comment Space and also a new kind of Placeholder Space.

In my January issue of “Reading Life Deeply,” I gave an aura reading of Cicely Tyson.

Blog-Buddies, you’re invited to comment below.

Also I have decided to start posting at this blog some past newsletter articles with aura readings, face readings, and Skilled Empath Merges…

ONE year after publication. Longer, for many articles that are in the backlist of my monthly newsletter.

You see, I do want to keep the newsletter special, a leading-edge, latest news in the world of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Here’s How the Aura Reading of Cicely Tyson Begins

Share your views about climate change… starting with a guest post by KYLIE

You do aura reading, empath skills, aura healing, face reading WHERE?

You do aura reading, empath skills, aura healing, face reading WHERE?

Sooner or later, one way or another, climate change concerns you. Including how you do your part.

The focus of this blog is, of course, energetic literacy and deeper perception. This guest post is more related to lifestyle, and how one of our Blog-Buddies uses what she perceives and believes to walk her talk. I thought this might be an interesting guest post to share with you. It doesn’t necessarily match my own experience and views. That’s a good thing. Because where deeper perception leads you is personal.

And personally I was fascinated by this guest post.

What I Have Learned about Climate Change

In 2005, I moved to an ecovillage in Missouri for two years: a demonstration community called Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, where people are experimenting with designing a sustainable lifestyle.

Graduate from "Whimming" Through Life, a Guest Article by STEPHANIE THOMAS

Stephanie Thomas, featured in "Reading Life Deeper"

Stephanie Thomas, featured in “Reading Life Deeper”

Yes, the December newsletter is being prepared for Monday release. It will contain a fabulous article by molecular empath STEPHANIE THOMAS. (Here is a link to her website, Stone and Mist.)

Also you’ll learn about surprises concerning my first-ever book catalog.

If you haven’t signed up yet, scamper over to signup at The Official Rose Rosetree Website. See why the newsletter is called “Reading Life Deeper.”

You’ll never get spam. Just something tasty to read.

Comment below after you have had the chance to see the surprises in my last newsletter for 2014.

Ready to Explore? Then check out my upcoming newsletter.

Help for you Brave Explorers.

Help for you Brave Explorers.

Blog-Buddies, let’s experiment. How might it wake up your life if you explore something new today?

Exploring doesn’t have to begin with hiring a sailing ship. Experimentation need not require that you employ The Scientific Method. Here I mean experimenting in life. Which is your birthright… awakened through a simple use of free will.

Why bother? The passage of time might inspire you. How many weeks does 2014 have left in it, anyway, seven? And how many days, or weeks, in this year were (understandably) spent just reacting, regrouping, recovering. By contrast, experimentation that you initiate? Now that’s LIVING.

This is your time-sensitive invitation, to receive my November 2014 newsletter. Sign up today! We aim to send out this newsletter issue this Monday.

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Since The Shift last December, all humans have been learning as fast as babies. Let's celebrate what has changed.

Since The Shift last December, all humans have been learning as fast as babies. Let’s celebrate what has changed.

Was 2013 a great year or what? Didn’t it bring you laugher, love, and learning? And at least a morsel of fun with new technology!

Yet in some ways, wasn’t 2013 rough year for you, too?

Both could be true. All year long, we earth-stationed humans have worked heroically hard. We have been adjusting to a new balance of energetic frequencies. The Shift that began last December impacts every one of us, know it or not.

Without external fanfare, your spiritual maturity has been growing. Been tested. Even strengthened.

Celebrate that, and yourself, by signing up for “Reading Life Deeper,” the free monthly online newsletter that contains articles written as a special treat.

What a great time to let friends know about the newsletter as well, since we’re still in Special Invitation Time, when they can save $50 on a first session with me during the month of December (and you can receive a $50 referral fee, too). All that referral coolness is described in detail right here.

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