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Graduate from "Whimming" Through Life, a Guest Article by STEPHANIE THOMAS

Stephanie Thomas, featured in "Reading Life Deeper"

Stephanie Thomas, featured in “Reading Life Deeper”

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Help for you Brave Explorers.

Help for you Brave Explorers.

Blog-Buddies, let’s experiment. How might it wake up your life if you explore something new today?

Exploring doesn’t have to begin with hiring a sailing ship. Experimentation need not require that you employ The Scientific Method. Here I mean experimenting in life. Which is your birthright… awakened through a simple use of free will.

Why bother? The passage of time might inspire you. How many weeks does 2014 have left in it, anyway, seven? And how many days, or weeks, in this year were (understandably) spent just reacting, regrouping, recovering. By contrast, experimentation that you initiate? Now that’s LIVING.

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Since The Shift last December, all humans have been learning as fast as babies. Let's celebrate what has changed.

Since The Shift last December, all humans have been learning as fast as babies. Let’s celebrate what has changed.

Was 2013 a great year or what? Didn’t it bring you laugher, love, and learning? And at least a morsel of fun with new technology!

Yet in some ways, wasn’t 2013 rough year for you, too?

Both could be true. All year long, we earth-stationed humans have worked heroically hard. We have been adjusting to a new balance of energetic frequencies. The Shift that began last December impacts every one of us, know it or not.

Without external fanfare, your spiritual maturity has been growing. Been tested. Even strengthened.

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Handling Bad News with Grace

Perhaps you laugh that we’re all living a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

Or perhaps you choose to believe that you incarnated during this time of challenge on purpose, expressly in order to evolve and serve… because the times would be so very interesting.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Nose Angling. Face Readers, lookee here!

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Mark Zuckerberg’s nose angling fascinates me. Nose angling — the horizontal shifts that face readers can notice from the bridge down to the tip.

But his unusual nose angling doesn’t stop there. What if you explore how Mark Z.’s nose angling has changed over time? Now there’s a highly meaningful assignment for aspiring physiognomists.