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Energetic Literacy Flash: Can You Read Auras from One Incarnation to the Next?

Could aura reading be like looking in the mirror across lifetimes?

Could aura reading be like looking in the mirror across lifetimes?

Ready to meet someone absolutely fascinating, Blog-Buddies? Barbro Karlen came to my attention through JNANA’s powerful nomination at our contest, What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick?

Indirectly, JNANA’s nomination raises some interesting questions about what you can — and can’t — do with aura reading.

Today’s article may be especially helpful if you’re still trying to figure out what energetic literacy has to do with psychic development. Is all aura reading the same? 

In another blog post I plan to give you an aura reading of Barbro Karlen. First, though, we have have a grand teachable moment.

Living now, millions of people are learning to use that very Age of Awakening survival skill, energetic literacy. Reading energies is our shiny new toy. Understandably, there are many confusions about what aura reading can tell us.

Why do we get cords of attachment? The VERY best part

Concluding this two-part examination of “Why do we get cords of attachment?” I am happy to share with you an understanding that has slowly developed within me over the last decade or so.

Let’s lead up to this big-deal concept with an example of my favorite thing about why we have cords of attachment… and how cutting them makes such a big difference for moving towards Enlightenment.

Pre-Incarnation Planning Meetings


Pre-Incarnation Planning Meetings. What happened to you before you began this lifetime. Most likely you made a Life Contract. Learn more here.

It’s snowing again, here in suburban D.C. But not before my client Gladys stopped by for a couple of hours of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. Today we got to do one of my favorite types of session, revisiting her Planning Meeting before this lifetime.

You had one, too, you know. Whether or not you consciously remember it, or ever have done a session of other versions of regression therapy. Or hypnosis. Or had a psychic reading. Or an akashic record reading. With anyone ever.