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Unexpected Creativity Baby. What Happened Last Weekend?

Unexpected Baby

Unexpected Creativity Baby. TWO true stories in one simple blog post!

Unexpected Creativity Baby. Celebrating a new specialty.

  • Not just a new in-person workshop — which happened last weekend.
  • But also a new online, on-demand workshop. Look for it in another year or two.

Creatively Resourceful YOU! Workshop for Personal Growth

Creatively Resourceful YOU

Creatively Resourceful YOU, could you use a little more glee?

Creatively Resourceful YOU, please try this thought experiment. See how you like it.

Because there’s more to creativity than you may think.

Imagine this. Your name is Pat, and your best friend is bragging on you. Telling another person all about you.

Somehow you get to eavesdrop. Hearing how your friend is listing all your proudest achievements and Pat’s finest qualities. And then, what’s the clincher?