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Grateful Energy Spirituality Practitioner Validates Enlightenment for Pediatrician KATIE

Grateful RES Practitioner

Grateful Energy Spirituality Practitioner. Validating Enlightenment for KATIE, today’s blog post turns unexpectedly personal.

Today this Grateful Energy Spirituality Practitioner will tell you a bit about Pediatrician KATIE. Yesterday was her day for Enlightenment Validation. And my day for gratitude.

First of All, Pediatrician KATIE’S Enlightenment Validation

This brilliant woman, so deeply service-oriented, recently moved into Enlightenment. The Age of Awakening kind of Enlightenment.

Sandra Haering Has Qualified as a Professional Energy Spirituality Practitioner

Sandra Haering, on my Enlightenment Life List, and now a Practitioner of RES

Sandra Haering, already on my Enlightenment Life List, and now a Practitioner of Energy Spirituality

Blog-Buddies, I’m thrilled to announce the graduation of another of my apprentices. SANDRA HAERING is now a fully qualified Practitioner of Energy Spirituality. I have asked her to comment however she wished, since I have a custom of devoting a blog post to each new professional in this field.

SANDRA could have told you that she is brainy, compassionate, experienced, wise. Also she’s one of the best listeners you will ever meet.

What, she won’t tell you that? Oops, now the news is out anyway. 😉

It’s wonderful that, now, Energy Spirituality skills add structure to her natural abilities as an energy healer.