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Face Reading Dr. Who, Peter Capaldi

Calling "Dr. Who" fans, face reading aficionados, and Rosanna Tufts radio buffs

Calling “Dr. Who” fans, face reading aficionados, and Rosanna Tufts radio buffs

“Look at these eyebrows! They’re Attack Eyebrows. You could take bottle caps off with these!” That’s what Peter Capaldi said in his debut as the new Doctor Who … But what does this face reader have to say about them?

And have you ever seen more deep-set eyes than those belonging to Capaldi? He’s the latest Doctor Who, in Series 8 of the iconic British TV show.

Today I discuss his face of extremes on “The Tufts Get Going” with Rosanna Tufts. Our official topic: “The Face of the Doctor.”

This morning at 9 am EST on BlogTalkRadio! Listen here, face readers! Yes, that’s your link to here the whole conversation on Face Reading Secrets(R).

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Relationship Fun. Rosanna Tufts Interview

Relationship Fun

Relationship Fun — When Rosanna Tufts interviews me on her radio show!

Relationship Fun. Rosanna Tufts interview coming right up. Of course, it’s going to be a bunch of fun. Or to put it another way…

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright! Rrrrrrosana and Rrrrrrose and face Rrrrrrrreading. Surrrrrrrrrrrre.