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50 Destructive Shades of Gray. A Cord of Attachment about BDSM.

Sex with cruelty can add drama to life. But is the cost worth it?

Sex with cruelty can add drama to life. But is that worth the cost?

Note: Blog-Buddies, after you read the main article please see Comment 85. It just might melt your heart.

In RES we have a motto: STUFF can always, always, always be healed. Yet it’s also true that three kinds of STUFF are the hardest to heal. These extra-toxic varieties of stored energies and emotions at the astral level result from enjoyable experiences of:

  • Black magic, e.g., voodoo
  • Killing or torturing for pleasure
  • Sex that involves violence, sadism, masochism, bondage, submission. Or to use the clever, trendy acronym for today, BDSM.

Even TV shows that feature these topics can become addictive to some extent. To participate in real life is a big mistake: Ultimately educational but, really, something to avoid if ever you can, because the person involved is likely to crave more and more.

And every time, STUFF is deposited. Many of the 15 kinds of STUFF that are addressed in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Back when I studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, I was told that there are 111 ways to transcend but only 108 of them are holy. Since working with clients in RES, I have come to wonder if these are the three dangerous ways to experience bliss.