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Earth School. Back to School!

Earth School. Seek no further for an amazing mystery school. You’re already here.

Earth School. Lucky us, to be living on The Learning Planet!

At this back-to-school time of year, let’s share our thoughts about school. Not just the neighborhood elementary school. Where noisy children run around screaming at recess.

Instead, how about we consider a spiritual mystery about earth as a place for learning? A mystery that we can solve, in part, today. Because, if you think about it, an answer lies right under your nose.

Aura Reading Opera Singers. Marian Anderson, Beniamino Gigli

Aura Reading Opera Singers Marian Anderson and Beniamino Gigli. (You just might fall in love.)

Aura Reading Opera Singers either directly or vicariously, wow! Enjoy the latter by reading my explorations below. Unforgettable singers! Maybe you’ll savor their energy presences as much as I do. As if they were today’s breakout stars, gone platinum. And each one with millions of followers.

Afterward, at the end of each short aura reading, yum! I’ll link to two performances that you can watch with fresh eyes. Listening until your heart learns how to feel more compassion than ever.

Enlightenment Aura Reading of Yusuf Islam, also Chris Martin

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


With enough Election Day votes in to signal a general mood, let’s find a way to get happy. And fortunately, I’ve got some inspiration available. Because consciousness is something each person votes on every day. Each of us votes to wake up, to live with integrity, to strive spiritually, to make our human life as beautiful as it can be, to help others one person at a time.

Voting is when collective consciousness runs smack, hard, into us. Daily life is when each of us is freed from what others do spiritually, so we can hold our light and keep on evolving.