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How NOT to Use Energy Reading

Let's shed some light on what works best to bring energy healing

Let’s shed some light on what works best to bring energy healing

Sunshine, they say, is the best disinfectant. In a way we’ve brought extra sunshine into this blog by inviting your questions of general interest at Ask Your Questions about RES.

Does that mean all you Blog-Buddies who comment there will look beautifully backlit, suffused with a kind of golden glow?

Aw, I’m fond of you’all. But that isn’t what I mean here.

It’s more about shining the light of knowledge to brighten things up. What’s the fun in polishing a table the room is so dark you can hardly see the gorgeous oak table in the first place, let alone how the wood seems to wake up and give you its loveliness more than ever?

Likewise sunlight might prove downright indispensible if the room has some cobwebs or grime. Until you see them, how can you clean it up?

Maybe You're Not as Anxious as You Thought

Just in time for Halloween, a terrifying topic

Just in time for Halloween, a terrifying topic

Today’s blog post is dedicated to Gladys, my first client for today. When asked how she was feeling, what was Gladys’s answer?


Look, Blog-Buddies. I had just done a skilled empath merge with this gal. What did I notice?

  • Big progress since our last session of aura healing and transformation.
  • A stronger grasp of human-type reality.
  • Some emotional vulnerability — nothing weird. Quite understandable, given some situations in her life right now.

No way did I notice acute anxiety. If I had, I would have referred her to a mental health professional. Like any practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), I am qualified to help with emotional and spiritual growth. I’m not a licensed psychotherapist or counselor, not a psychiatrist. And I understand well my limits of practice.

However, two minutes of discussion cleared up the self-labeling as “Anxious.” Turned out, Gladys didn’t really mean a big-deal experience of “Anxious.” More like she felt a bit of trepidation.

And thus we were good to go. We proceeded to move forward with a session that helped Gladys move forward with her personal development.

Well, here’s my question to you: If Gladys wasn’t really “Anxious,” why did she describe her inner state with that word? See if you can guess, Blog-Buddies.