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20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. But How?

Taking photos of Debonair Bear, one of so many great activities that does NOT count as Technique Time

At a previous post, some very practical questions have been asked by Blog-Buddies. What does it really mean, practically, sticking to 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, tops?

Today let’s explore some of these questions, originating comments at 20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time vs. falling into spiritual addiction, again. A guest post by Madeline .

How can you do just 20 Minutes of Technique Time when learning energy healing?

In Comment 9, SUZ explained that she is receiving training at a form of energy healing. She asked:

“How am I going to learn this stuff if I don’t spend a bit of time with it? Soon as I learn it, I’ll back off, but don’t I have to practice? Some? Aaagghhh.”

First, congratulations on having enough of a sense of humor to write “Aaagghhhh.” Not to mention, excellent spehhlung.