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Enlightenment and the Astral, a guest post by JILL


These days I am packing for two weeks in England, sponsored by the College of Psychic Studies in London. Of course, I have been thinking about psychic development. It can be any of these for a seeker:

  1. A skill set
  2. An interest
  3. A hobby
  4. A belief system, even a religion or way of life

How Enlightenment Develops


My former guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, accomplished some amazing service during his career. One of his greatest contributions, in my opinion, was how he delineated three stages of development related to Enlightenment, plus an initial state about transcendence. To my knowledge, MMY was the first teacher to do so, and I personally think his model was just genius.

Blog-Buddies, in today’s post I would like to carry this attempt further. I’ll describe a developmental model that I have put together, influenced by Maharishi but reflecting decades of experience as a teacher of Energy Spirituality, following decades when I taught his system of Transcendental Meditation.

What is Enlightenment? The 10 most important things.


Announcement, Blog-Buddies. Rose Rosetree does not know everything about Enlightenment.

Oops, you already knew that. You may also know, from reading this blog for a while, that the main topics have been — and will continue to be — energetic literacy (That’s “Deeper Perception” in everyday language) and also Energy Spirituality (a bunch o’ skill sets that I use to permanently remove STUFF, freeing up soul expression).

Surprise, Enlightenment!

Every springtime flower is a surprise. An even bigger surprise? Enlighenment!

Enlightenment could be your destiny! When it comes, will Enlightenment surprise you?

Blog-Buddies, are you loving this spring? Gardeners like me nearly drool with delight.

In the spirit of springtime, I’d like to share some of the latest statistics and facts about the fun world of energetic literacy and Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

1,000+ Blog Posts, Nearly 10,000 Comments

Enlightenment vs. Detachment, a Guest Post from Jill



Blog-Buddies, I wanted to post something really special today. You don’t have to be a number mystic like me, or even a professional numerolgist, to figure out that 11-20-2011 could count for at least as special a day as the widely hyped 11-11-2011.

Detachment on Your Path to Enlightenment


ANGELA’s first comment at this blog raised concerns of interest to all of us who seek spiritual Enlightenment. Her recent Comment 12 included this:

I’’ve been actively pursuing “Enlightenment” for the past four years, and I must say you are absolutely correct about disassociating. This journey has taken me for a ride, making me so inwardly focused and out of touch with reality that I’’ve been unable to see truth around me (and been duped by those who could see my detachment).

Although I’’ve gained many wonderful insights, I ultimately feel that I took the worst route and wasted a lot of time, as I’’ve been unable to engage the real world. I’’m working daily to merge these two halves I’’ve created, and am wondering if any of your past articles or a specific book addresses how to heal this ailment?

Why do we get cords of attachment? The VERY best part

Concluding this two-part examination of “Why do we get cords of attachment?” I am happy to share with you an understanding that has slowly developed within me over the last decade or so.

Let’s lead up to this big-deal concept with an example of my favorite thing about why we have cords of attachment… and how cutting them makes such a big difference for moving towards Enlightenment.

Why do we get cords of attachment, anyway?

Cutting cords of attachment

Blog-Buddy NICK asked a very good question about cord-cutting, Comment 341 at our most popular post so far about cords of attachment: Why do we get cords of attachment, anyway?

AMY O, another Blog-Buddy, followed up with a rather succinct answer: “Learning!” She’s right, of course. Down to the exclamation point.

Your Path to Enlightenment, Rose Rosetree’s Version

What would Rose Rosetree advocate as a Path to Enlightenment?

For years I have been following this path. It’s not everyone’s path, though it’s mine. By putting this path notion into words… I don’t want to inflict it upon you, even if I could.

As if I could inflict anything inappropriate onto someone with spiritual self-authority! Ha!

Your Path to Enlightenment, does it help to try living from your Higher Self?


Blog-Buddies, with today’s post I’ll make it official that Your Path to Enlightenment is a theme on this blog about Deeper Perception Made Practical. We have, after all, been dancing around this topic for months.

For starters, I’ll share a recent email exchange with Mr. Enlightenment, Jeffrey Chappell.

(Unfortunately Jeffrey Chappell is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but he was at the time of this blog post.)

I had expressed concern to Jeffrey about one of my clients.  Joe had been trying to live from his Higher Self, as described below. And what set him off was what I considered to be a misunderstanding about Jeffrey’s book, Answers from Silence.