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Celebrating a certain kind of shyness

When was the last time you thought about the mystical implications of lace?

When was the last time you thought about the mystical implications of lace?

Shyness? What, in this age, when we’re all so connected?

Shyness, Blog-Buddies, in the society where you live?

Sure, it still happens. And when that shyness concerns one’s relationship with Spiritual Source, it’s especially beautiful.

Shyness is one of the innumerable lovely ways to be in that relationship.

This morning I responded to gorgeous Comment 13 by AMANDA at a post dedicated to her, Ananda for AMANDA, newest member of our Enlightenment Life List. A few little comments splashed onto my computer screen.

Afterwards, somehow I found my self going back and forth between the kitchen and my office. Having some bites of breakfast. Then “Gotta, gotta” go upstairs to the pink office to pop in a comment. Back down the stairs, smiling, for more food.

In your honor, AMANDA, and in honor of all of us who have experienced at least a bit of shyness….

Personal Growth Reading Faces

Personal Growth Reading Faces

Personal Growth Reading Faces. Rose Rosetree sharing the power of face reading with Rod Chu, a friend from high school.

Yesterday a friend came back into my life like a bold from the blue. More specifically, a knock to my front door.

Rod Chu, a dear friend from high school (the United Nations International School), was in town. Just for fun, he dropped by. Timing was perfect, as right then I had two hours to visit with him before going back into sessions.

Face Reading for Shy Persons

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


What can help if you’re shy?

Face reading, of all things. It can really make a difference. So today’s post aims to offer hope and help to you if shyness has limited your life.

And I would like to dedicate today’s face reading offering to Garrison Keillor, who has written about ”Shy Rights: Why Not Pretty Soon?”