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Enter this Contest to Admire

Our latest contest is in honor of Elon Musk. Interviewed on “The Colbert Report.” Founder of Tesla Motors, among other visionary projects. Now he’s someone whose work I admire, with a fascinating aura as well.

Blog-Buddies, let’s add oomph to this month of August by starting a new contest about people you admire.

Unskilled Empath Problems? ANSWERS to the Bonus Questions

Rose Rosetree, Empath, Doing Her Best to Teach Other Empaths

Rose Rosetree, Empath, Doing Her Best to Teach Other Empaths

So many thoughtful, wise answers have been given in response to Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz

Thanks to one and all who shared your wisdom. I celebrate your emerging understanding.

Empath Empowerment(R) is new in the world. It’s understandable that many folks are struggling with what it means to be born as an empath. It really can help to read the answers below, lending you some perspective based in professional knowledge.

Empath” used to have just a few screens on Google, back when I published the first book in English for empaths, Empowered by Empathy. Googling on “empath” today, I find how many hits? 415,000. 

Gulp, I’m not even on the first page of hits. Guess that’s because I have been too busy helping empaths and doing the rest of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, rather than working SEO. As always Blog-Buddies, your old-fashioned word of mouth is appreciated for spreading the word about empath skills.

Oooh, Catch This First Announcement of Interest to Empaths

For months, I have been working to update that first book for empaths. Later this year I will publish this pair of books to help you. Ready to see those titles? Ta da!

  • The Empowered Empath
  • The Master Empath

An Empath's Giggle. My Favorite Story from the Pathways Expo, Spring 2014

Launching a new kind of laughter, Empath Humor

Launching a new kind of laughter, Empath Humor

An empath walked into the Kennedy Center.

That’s how this Empath Empowerment joke begins, courtesy of someone I spoke with yesterday at the think globally, act locally, amazing Natural Living Expo sponsored by Pathways Magazine (for which I write the “Energetic Literacy” column).

GLADYS, an extremely skilled empath, had a slip-up. Her empath gifts turned ON, which is unusual for her. Like any skilled empath who has used Empath Empowerment(R), GLADYS usually has the mind-body-spirit habit of keeping her empath gifts habitually turned OFF.

However, GLADYS was laughing so hard, her circuitry loosened up and her aura expanded. What was so funny? Lucky woman, she was watching “The Book of Mormon.”

Stealthily, in the midst of her laughter, GLADYS started to have the weirdest thought.

Jason Collins Courage. Empath Merge

Jason Collins

Jason Collins Courage. Humanly and spiritually, I think this athlete deserves some kind of RES trophy.

Jason Collins Courage —  because he lived a lie in public for 12 years. Now he’s come out. You bet that’s courage. I’m here to award him own of the highest honors at my blog.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) doesn’t include giving out trophies. But I can honor Jason by giving him here a Skilled Empath Merge.

Collins played for the National Basketball Association. Presumed heterosexual until (last week). When he dared to come out as gay. The first openly gay professional player in one of America’s four major team sports.

Empath Empowerment, Deeper Skills to Help Empaths


Calling all empaths: Want help? How can you increase the depth of your Empath Empowerment skills?

A Empath Empowerment with Rose Rosetree sound file goes along with today’s post, in case you’d like to hear these words straight from that Empath Coach named Rose Rosetree.  For sure, I want to thank the Blog-Buddy who volunteered to make a transcript that I have adapted for today’s post.

You know, if you’re born an empath, you have at least one gift as an empath for life. Being born as an empath is really a great thing, and 1 in 20 people chose that when making a life contract.

Original Intelligence emerging on earth, a guest post by Christine Wushke


Christine Wushke is a renowned yoga teacher, interviewed by Rick Archer for Buddha at the Gas Pump and a member of the Enlightenment Life List at this blog.

Her deeper perception? One favorite method comes from swimming with dolphins. As with this glorious YouTube video that Christine shot while doing that swimming:

Learning from movies, music, and TV — aura reading, face reading, Enlightenment coaching


Blog-Buddy AMANDA slipped in the most fascinating comment recently, amid our discussion of auric modeling and unexpected showing forth of human personality. Behold what she tucked into Comment 52 at Rick Archer interviews Rose Rosetree on Householder Enlightenment:

“But your comment about your emotional flow reminded me of something much more prosaic – the film Anger Management with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson 😀

“I remember watching that a few times when I got stuck and was trying to get my emotions flowing again – trying to make a safe space for them.”

Empath Skills, Empath Healing, a guest post by Stephanie Thomas


From this healer’s perspective, Empath Empowerment® skills work perfectly with the techniques of Energy Spirituality. I didn’t plan this. The information downloads and personal sessions of RES Energy Healing, the books and workshops, simply developed that way, fitting together.

For instance, many a time I have facilitated cutting a cord of attachment with cord items about my client’s unskilled empath merge with the cordee. Big logical consequence: Permanently moving out those cord items then made it so much easier for my client to keep empath gifts turned OFF, as part of living happily ever after.

10 Reasons I Like Being an Empath, a Guest Post by Julie

Rose Rosetree, doing Skilled Empath Merge and loving it

A poignant and powerful new thread was begun yesterday by Blog-Buddy RACHEL. In Comment 2 at a post devoted to empath Stacy London, RACHEL wrote:

I get that for people who do work such as you do, doing healing work, being an empath is a huge advantage, even a necessity.

But what about for others who do not want to become professional healers? What is the point of it? What is the purpose of being able to do skilled empath merges if you are not a healer (or a ‘helper’ of some kind, as Stacy London is)?

Ridiculous, Empaths! Quix ANSWERS Part 2.

Ridiculous, Empaths!

Ridiculous, Empaths.l Once you get over these habits, you’ll feel so much better.

Ridiculous, Empaths — Some common ideas about being an empath are absolutely pathetic. What you don’t know could be hurting you. Get help here!

Blog-Buddies, we have been having  some fascinating conversation around the Earth Changes/Fire and Rain Quiz Answers Part 1.

The post itself ended with a list of actions one could take in objective reality. And, throughout, did any of you catch an underlying theme?

Completing Quiz Answers today, I’ll place that theme up near top, in bright purple letters:

Unskilled empaths often try to solve problems in objective reality by making efforts subjectively. This doesn’t work. Not at Earth School.