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A day (off) in the life of an empath


DAVE has just asked a fabulous set of questions at Comment 98 at a post about empaths. It deserves to be made into a blog post.

And I know you asked something similar long ago, DAVE, but it got buried in the other comments. It’s easy to get distracted, nothing personal.

Just in case any of you Blog-Buddies are curious about what goes on here in Skilled Empath Land…

Empath Empowerment, Sophisticated Quiz Answers



What fun, to share my cheer-bringing answers about what it really means to be an empath. My perspective, of course, comes from teaching thousands of people the system of Empath Empowerment(R).

And the biggest cheerfulness you may feel, underlying every answer in today’s post, is my personal relief. Do I ever know the difference it makes, going from talented-but-untrained to becoming a skilled empath!

Tina Fey — Interact, Aura Readers, Skilled Empaths, Face Readers

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Yes, the May issue of Reading Life Deeper features a profile of Tina Fey, using energetic literacy. It was such a delight preparing this newsletter issue, which will go live within a week from today.

Part of the fun of that newsletter is having this interactive opportunity for you to comment on the articles. Or add your own insights, reading the photo above. So go for it!

Which would you prefer, Blog-Buddies, for an energetic literacy profile?


Good morning, everybody.

Here in Sterling, Virginia, it is a glorious spring day. Beyond luscious, really.

As I prepare for the next aura reading profile, or face reading, or Skilled Empath Merge, I’m thinking, “Last Liz Taylor Husband? Or maybe someone entirely different.”

No Delicatessen. RES Sessions Are Different.

No Delicatessen

No Delicatessen. Today’s post is dedicated to those who are still learning what it means to order up a session of RES Energy HEALING.

No Delicatessen. RES Sessions are different from what I’ll describe here as “The Delicatessen Model” for personal growth services.

Congratulations to Gladys. She is a gracious new client who recently had a first session with me.

Gladys was a really good sport, considering that when our session began she didn’t know that she might have to be any kind of sport. I dedicate today’s post to her… and to all you Blog-Buddies who are learning about Energy Spirituality, cutting cords of attachment, etc. and don’t know everything yet.

Japan, how to help — and what won’t help

Even after the most violent earthquake anyone could remember the crowds were orderly and calm.

That’s how the BBC reported it.


And that’s my Japan, home to some of the most evolved souls on this entire planet. After such a shock, shaken up earthquake survivors doing what? Not screaming. Not preparing how to tell Oprah’s audience about the depths of their drama. No, just millions of upset but profoundly civilized people acting with wisdom.

Empath Merge of Oscar Nominee Nicole Kidman, a Guest Post by Elaine

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


As is my custom, my Skilled Empath Merge uses the “Magic Picture” technique from Become the Most Important Person in the Room, done before I read Rose’s movie review with energetic literacy on this Oscar Nominee. For me, it’s just my way of doing quality control to make sure I’m not being influenced by what you have written.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

Rose Rosetree’s Ethics for Mind-Body-Spirit Healers


Ethics for are so important for any healer who is a practitioner of Energy Spirituality, Energy Medicine, or Energy Psychology.

Ethics are central for doing energetic literacy readings, or for going the different path called “psychic development.”

Personal Coaching for Empaths

Rose Rosetree, Empath Coach

The day will come when you thank your lucky stars you were born as an empath. I remind empaths of that often. Because it’s true.

And also because many an empath does struggle before becoming skilled.

It is not at all unusual for an unskilled empath to struggle because of the biggest problem with being the 1 in 20 people with a lifelong gift (or gifts) for being an empath.

Who Is an Empath? Our Online Community’s Empath Life List.

Teaching about Empath Empowerment, at this post and elsewhere, is a sacred process that may take you a while to understand. Stay with it for results that are very real.

Teaching Empath Empowerment®, I’m a blur of motion. Maybe this post’s Empath Life List can help to empower you.

Whew, empaths around the world are finally beginning to know they are empaths. Let the process of Empath Empowerment® accelerate worldwide! In this post I’ll kick off an Empath Life List, similar to my Enlightenment Life List.

When I published the first book for empaths in English, even I didn’t use that word consistently. The title was Empowered by Empathy! (Note the absence of the word “empath.”)

The updated new title is The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts. That’s more like it!

“Empath” Is for Life

Today, many people are wondering if they are empaths. That makes sense because my research has shown that 1 in 20 people on earth now have been born as an empath, naturally talented for life.

Notice this important point, “Naturally talented” does not mean “Naturally skilled.” Just the opposite.

Similarly, curiosity about aura reading doesn’t mean you have developed skills of energetic literacy… although anyone could.

Empaths, What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You