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Soul Role for Spiritual Awakening

Soul Role

Soul Role. Let your soul bring sparkle to every day of your life.

Soul Role. From a spiritual perspective, what is the role of your soul? What you think matters. Even paying attention in the first place. That matters, and it’s up to you.

This article will give you some ideas about how you can live with lively soul thrill.

Although now? With all respect, your soul expression is probably more sleepy-like.

For example, twice this weekend I facilitated Soul Thrill® Aura Research to help a newish client. Joe and Gladys had each done a few sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). But this was their first session with this kind of research.

And guess what? Both of these accomplished, psychologically savvy, super-smart people had soul thrill like…

Soul-Level Gifts in Your Aura

Soul-Level Gifts

Soul-Level Gifts are permanent, like your fingerprint

Soul-Level Gifts. “Gift of your soul” is often used when the aura reader has good skills (Stage 3 Energetic Literacy). But what does that mean?

Let’s explore.

Royal You

Royal You

Royal You. Step up to any working mirror and take a look at somebody just as important as Prince Whatshisname.

Royal You. Just as important as the new royal baby. Because you, too, are a unique thought in the mind of God. Nobody else like you anywhere, royal or not. Celebrate!

What if, just for today, you were to consider yourself as important as any royal British baby?

Can you cut the cord to your ego?

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Back in the 1980’s, I was working with a new student who happened to be a Franciscan nun, Sister Gladys. As we spoke, her face took on a look of shame. She told me, “I have a terrible secret.”

Taking care to look un-horrified, I leaned in to hear what she had to say

Even before developing energetic literacy, I considered myself a pretty good judge of character. Sister Gladys reminded me of an angel. What could be her terrible secret?

"What if I’m not fulfilling my purpose?"


It’s a very familiar worry for so many smart people. We know it isn’t enough to slog through one day after another. So we wonder, “What if I’m not fulfilling my purpose.”

What can we do about this fear?

Recently a conversation with my client Gladys reminded me that there is a third solution to this problem — one I have never written about anywhere before — and that could bring the biggest healing of all. 

Healing with Rosetree Energy Spirituality on YouTube

Aura reading, Rose Rosetree






It’s on YouTube. It must exist!

Yes, Rose Rosetree does sessions for spiritual healing, whether it be healing auras and chakras with RES Energy HEALING or facilitating that hypnosis-and-healing specialty, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.

So often, people who are considering a personal session with me want to meet me first. That’s one reason I write books, a pretty intimate way to meet somebody, actually. Plus, books offer the opportunity to learn something about the author’s various specialties!