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Astral Romance Undercover

Astral Romance Undercover

Astral Romance Undercover. Because “The Romance of the Astral” is losing ground five years into The Age of Awakening.

Astral Romance Undercover. That’s another change, five years into The Age of Awakening. A big-deal, surprisingly not-talked-about anniversary. Celebrated on this blog, at any rate. Quite recently!

Today I’ll summarize “The Romance of the Astral.” Then brief you about a trend I’ve been noticing: Astral Romance Undercover.

Spiritual Aura Reading

Spiritual Aura Reading

Spiritual Aura Reading — what does that mean to you?

Spiritual Aura Reading. As an aura reading student, what do you seek? A kind of aura reading that is obviously “spiritual”? See today’s new YouTube video. It might change your mind.

Spiritual Aura Reading — Meaning What?

Gladys fainted. That’s how she knew her aura reading had been powerful. (She thought.) Fainting meant that it was spiritual.

What can you and I do at a time of racial injustice in America?

What does it mean to love your country?

What does it mean to love your country?

Blog-Buddies, a powerful comment reached me today from GLADYS, in our online community. She wrote:

“Right now, this country is in the middle of the second longest interval of contiguous civil protests in its history and [your] last blog post is about a science fiction actor in England.

“I strongly believe that Rosetree Energy Spirituality is emphatically necessary for helping real people doing important things in ordinary human life.”

GLADYS expressed the desire that I do more to “encourage peace, comfort, support and empowerment to people who are affected daily by social justice issues.”

How can I help, using Energetic Literacy?

The Spiritual Bypass, a guest post by Linda Stone

How subconscious, healable STUFF can complicate life

How subconscious, healable STUFF can complicate life

Our recent list of 10 Different Types of STUFF was a breakthrough for me. And, I hope, it was useful for all of you, too.

Even though I have been working for years, moving out these different forms of STUFF, teaching workshops and writing books on STUFF removal, I never collected  concepts about STUFF in that way before. For me, it was refreshing.

Now all of us can have fun exploring what happens to people where there is STUFF not yet removed, including some of the ridiculous ways that human beings can compensate for that.

Blog-Buddy LINDA found such a great one. In the post below, she put this in the context of Hypnosis OR Meditation. Know the difference. LINDA knows a lot about  aura healing. She is a graduate of the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, helping clients in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Here is her guest post, discussing a rather popular way of dealing with STUFF without perhaps healing it. LINDA calls it “The Spiritual Bypass.”

Many of us, myself included, have — at some time in our spiritual evolution — given ourselves a version of “Bypass Surgery” by moving out STUFF. This made it possible for us to overcome rigid old habits and interesting concepts that glorified old ways of being quite stuck.

Here is LINDA’s guest post.

Forgiveness… Sounding noble, except for not being what it seemed

I had an Aha! moment today while reading this blog. Something about STUFF clicked for me.