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How Deeper Perception Helped Me in 2014. A guest post by ZELDA

Deeper Perception for a new start, as experienced by Zelda

Deeper Perception for a new start, as experienced by Zelda

Blog-Buddy ZELDA has given her time generously this year to comment here. I think she has outdone herself in today’s comment on the last day of 2014, contributing once again, to one of our contests, What did you learn about deeper perception in 2014? A joyful contest to enter.

Building on Deeper Perception in the Long Term

What a wonderful opportunity to review the year’s adventures by taking the time to think about what I’ve learned about Deeper Perception this year. It’s been a year of great challenge and growth. Thanks for this opportunity, Rose!

I’ve been a skilled empath for a while now and have steadily worked on developing Deeper Perception skills to the best of my ability. I can see how using the entire skill set has become a way of life for me, whether I’m cutting cords of attachment for myself, using skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection; sometimes working with Rose in sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation or Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research.

More Ghosts After The Shift? Part One.


Ghosts, more prevalent now than before The Shift into The Age of Awakening


Ghosts, more prevalent now than before The Shift into The Age of Awakening

Ghosts. More than usual, I have been thinking about ghosts.

And not just because we are entering Halloween month soon. A season of mists and mellow fruitfulness (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) and wacky carved pumpkins (in America, at least).

You bet, lately I’ve been thinking about ghosts.

Have you noticed? More ghosts dwell on earth now… after The Shift into the Age of Awakening.

Moving out Ghosts and Psychic Coercion. The Latest.

Protecting yourself from ghosts, psychic coercion, and more

Protecting yourself from ghosts, psychic coercion, and more

With The Shift into this new Age of Energy, one of the delights is a greater facility with noticing energy.

But you know Earth School. Lovely sliver linings come complete with clouds. This world is structured in polarities, opposites, contrasts.

What is the great disadvantage of noticing energies better than ever? Of noticing energies more, in yourself and others? Not all those energies are nice.

Feeling Terrible. More Ways to Protect Yourself


Feeling Terrible.

Feeling Terrible. Ouch happens! How can you protect yourself from energetic-type ouches?

Feeling Terrible. Good people really can accidentally cause you energy problems. Learn how in Part 2 of a Three-Part Series to Help You Protect Yourself.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways?

Well, that’s the fun sort of counting, isn’t it? Available, for instance, to poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning when in love with another poet, Robert Browning. Elizabeth had the luxury of writing sonnets, yet.

Ghost Busting. Guest Post by Elaine

Ghost Busting

Ghost Busting. Restoring order to her home, protecting it and herself energetically.

Ghost Busting. In this guest post, ELAINE chronicles using her RES Energy HEALING skills to move out stuck spirits from her house. Protecting herself!

Protect yourself? Sure. You can even protect your house energetically.

Or protect and cleanse property that you wish to rent. Or improve that vacation hotel suite so that, energetically, it becomes four star.

Cult exiting, a guest post by Penny


Blog-Buddies, PENNY is the latest member of our Energy Spirituality community to share a story about her empowerment as an empath and a person. What did exiting a cult have to do with it? Read and marvel!

On this Valentine’s Day, I invite all you Blog-Buddies to take heart. Celebrate your spiritual growth, moving out STUFF with techniques like 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), filling up with what thrills your soul.

Astral interactions with humans, three types to spot as a New Age consumer


Attention New Age consumers: Astral interactions with humans are too numerous to list in one blog post. But I’ll mention the main ones.

Please be aware that very few of them bear any resemblance to what is popularly known as “possession.” So do not read with fear, Blog-Buddies, but educate yourself instead.

If necessary, repeat after me, “Close relationships with astral beings do not happen without a person’s consent.”

First time at the Pathways Natural Living Expo


Looking for the best of New Age in metro Washington D.C.? For that you might want to thank Lou DeSabla, editor of Pathways Magazine and organizer of the annual Pathways Natural Living Expo. Lou has played a unique role in the literary and social life in our region.

Even before telling you about the goodies available, and the NEW THING I’ll be doing at this year’s Pathways Natural Living Expo, I want to give a shout-out to Lou.

What the walk-ins have to tell us


Blog-Buddy ANGIE recently wrote in Comment #3, “Is this what some of the walk-ins are talking about?” The context was, “When E.T. saints come marching in .”

Further, ANGIE wrote, “Of course, I do not take everything I read for granted, but some of them are talking about what you do mention, and about an inter-galactic council which is ‘watching over Earth,’ they also claim that Earth’s bank system is about to change (especially this Summer, which, in their own words will be ‘memorable’) and that some day soon we will take place in that council of theirs….

When E.T. saints come marching in


We live in interesting times.

You knew that. But some of the interesting things going on… maybe you haven’t been noticing them.

Best, by far, among the  interesting and not human is a certain kind of extra-terrestrial entity activity. (“E.T.” for short.)