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Become a Smarter Post-New-Age Consumer, Top 10 Articles

Top 10 and top ten

Do you spend time or money on self-improvement? Today’s energetic literacy makes it possible to have much greater discernment than otherwise about the difference between what is promised and what is delivered.

Use your self-authority as you read highlights from what I have learned, ideas that can help you as a consumer. It’s amazing how much deeper perception can help you with this!

Sexually active gurus, guest posts by Dana and Lara


What makes a comment special enough to be promoted to its own post? For starters, a well written point of view on a topic of interest to this online community.

Usually I agree a whole lot with the opinions expressed in a guest post. Not always. Sometimes I disagree (even quite strongly) but want to air perspectives that contrast to mine.

After all, this blog is about DEEPER Perception, not some fantasized ROSE ROSETREE’S OMNISCIENT Perception. 😉

Enlightenment Scandals, a Guest Post by Mike


Blog-Buddies, inquiring minds want to know. MIKE, recently active at our online community, has an intensely inquiring mind and he wants to know answers to really Big Questions.

Insightfully, MIKE’s Guest Post for today highlights important concerns about Energy Literacy, Enlightenment, being a smart New Age Consumer or Spiritual Consumer. Basically, how to protect yourself in a world of gurus and celebs who may not be as perfect as they appear.

He has pulled so much information together in this fascinating Guest Post. Here are his words, with my minor edits, links, and headings. Go, MIKE!