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Enlightenment Path for EXPLORER. Guest Post.

Enlightenment Path for EXPLORER

Enlightenment Path for EXPLORER. What a sweet guest post about moving into a higher state of consciousness. Have a look!

Enlightenment Path for EXPLORER. Recently she moved into Age of Awakening Enlightenment. And a recent blog post celebrated her Enlightenment Validation.

Thanks to all who gave an enthusiastic response to our latest Blog-Buddy to move into Enlightenment.

In today’s guest post, EXPLORER shares the secrets of her personal path to Enlightenment. What helped her to cross that threshold?

Age of Awakening Enlightenment, India! It Has Begun

Age Awakening Enlightenment, India! Story

Age of Awakening Enlightenment, India! Come read this inspiring, historic story.

Awakening Enlightenment, India! To my knowledge, as the Founder of RES, Age of Awakening Enlightenment has “officially” begun in India on Monday, February 27, 2017.

Not just America, Canada, and England! Among members of the loosely knit community around this blog and Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) — now, for the first time, an addition to my Enlightenment Life List from India!

Another disclaimer: I’m not announcing that all Enlightenment has just begun. Actually, Traditional Enlightenment has dominated conversations about the entire topic of Self-Realization. And much of that conversation has taken place in Asia. Especially India.

The WHO Prayer Question

WHO prayer question

This series on prayer begins with the WHO prayer question

Prayer is as negotiable as it is personal. With the WHO Prayer Question, I’ll begin a series of blog posts designed to help you pray to your heart’s content.

After today’s focus on the WHO aspect of prayer, what’s to follow? Some thoughts on the what, where, when, and how of prayer.

Admittedly, I don’t consider myself an expert on prayer. So you might prefer to consult people who make religion their life work, such as clergy.

KRISTINE Moves into Enlightenment after THE NEW STRONG Workshop

RES Professionals and Apprentices at THE NEW STRONG Workshop


After taking my workshop in “The New Strong,” KRISTINE has moved into Enlightenment.

The photo above shows some of the workshop participants, some of whom are RES professionals or apprentices, plus their teacher. Gorgeous KRISTINE is, unfortunately, not pictured here.

In the back of my mind I was hoping for something like this Blog-Buddies. When writing “THE NEW STRONG” and working to edit, edit, edit… I was hoping. When preparing my first-ever workshop  about THE NEW STRONG, the hope tickled the back of my mind and my heart. Enlightenment acceleration for participants?

And could reading THE NEW STRONG really speed up attaining Enlightenment? Because if the workshop could, then the book would as well (though Enlightenment would be accelerated somewhat less rapidly).

Well, whatever. Rose Rosetree has plenty of hopes and dreams. I just keep on doing my work. But today that hope came true.

Becoming Less Critical of Myself. A Guest Post by IRENE

No wonder flip-flops are so popular. That is just how our guest poster feels a lot of the time.

No wonder flip-flops are so popular. That is just how our guest poster feels a lot of the time.

As I learn about Enlightenment and hear the real-life experiences of those living in Householder Enlightenment, I’m becoming less critical of myself.

See, I have these moments (lasting seconds or hours or days) where things just start to work for me, where I see clearly and know the exact right thing to do or say next in order to get where I want to go in objective reality. Moments when things just make sense, and I can move forward confidently.

Then it gets all messed up the next day.

Loving Nature, Not the Same as Loving God. A Guest Post by IRENE

IRENE's photograph, and then her guest post featuring the great insights to go with it.

IRENE’s photograph, and then her guest post featuring the great insights that go with it.

The Divine is different from nature.

Now, this is a pretty obvious point, especially to RES folks.

But I’ve come across many people who confused the two, revering the natural world, endowing it with god-like characteristics and looking to it for guidance.

At the very least, many people consider that nature is smarter than us humans who mess things up so badly with pollution and pollution, hatred and war.

Why I Believe in Developing Deeper Perception

There are so many beautiful perspectives on Enlightenment and subtle perception!

There are so many beautiful perspectives on Enlightenment and subtle perception!

It’s delightful to read the blog written by my friend DAVID BUCKLAND. Sure enough, that’s what I did bright and early this Sunday morning. I find the clarity and erudition about higher states of consciousness to be unmatched by any other Enlightenment expert I know.

However, that doesn’t mean I always agree with him.

This morning I opened up an article on The What and How of Subtle Perception. DAVID gives a beautiful analysis and context for what he calls “subtle perception” and I call “deeper perception” and still others call “celestial perception.”

At “Observations on the Road Home,” David advises, “If such things do begin to show up that’s fine. We should allow but not invest in them.”

What do I find? Just the opposite. We can do far more than allow. We can actively pursue.

Just as we can do far more than allow Enlightenment to unfold. We can actively pursue.

What Is the Point of Personal Growth? For You. For Anyone.

What is the point of personal development? For you. For anyone.

What is the point of personal development? For you. For anyone.

A passionate question came to this blog today, over at Perspective on the Sex Scandals of Great Enlightened World Gurus.

New commenter at this blog, SINDWA KANYIMBA, asked this:

“From your article, I conclude that being enlightened does not make one to be more morally upright and does not build ethic.

“If so, it’s of no use and I see no need to pursue practices leading to enlightenment.

“Most of these gurus were meditators. This to me implies meditation does not make one a better person in society.

“Why the hype on the benefits of meditation since it does not confer high moral/ethical standards?”

Let’s try this experiment, Blog-Buddies. How about YOU answer this, one comment at a time?

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Life More

happy with baby

When not in Technique Time, what then? Isn’t there anything else you can do to evolve spiritually?

Only every waking minute of your life! Because everything you do that is fun can help you to integrate spiritually. In short:

Having Fun Is Good For You

Here come 10 examples. Can you think of more? Please share in comments below.

Capture the Fort — Why to Choose Spiritual Development First If You Seek Enlightenment


Capture the fort, a strategy for pursuing Enlightenment

Capture the fort, a strategy for pursuing Enlightenment

Eileen Caddy, founder of the world-famous Findhorn Community, was added to my Enlightenment Life List today.

I met Caddy around 1986, while she gave a talk about her community. By the time of Eileen Caddy’s transition, January 1, 2007, she had evidently reached Enlightenment.

Today I came across a website commemorating Eileen Caddy’s work with the Findhorn Foundation.

It was a treat to research her and be able to  list her as a member of my personal Enlightenment Life List.

Was Eileen Caddy a Psychic or a Spiritual Teacher?

The order matters, at least if you aim to progress on a path to Enlightenment.

Psychic development is about astral frequencies. Often it is said to be equivalent to spiritual development.

Personally, I do not find this to be borne out by my aura reading research. Instead, there are psychic frequencies and there are is also a spiritual frequency.

Chakra databanks, for instance, contain both a gift of your soul (Divine frequency, and permanent) and a changeable size and quality (astral frequency, and healable).

The Findhorn Foundation does attract many people interested in psychic development, no question. However, here is a tipoff about where Eileen Caddy was coming from in her wonderful work. As noted at her website:

“Eileen Caddy first received personal guidance from a ‘still, small voice’ inside herself, a source she called ‘the God Within.’ From that day on she lived her life by that inner guidance, which led to the creation of the international spiritual community that is the Findhorn Foundation.”