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Enlightenment and Ascension in this Age of Aquarius

Aura reading research by Rose Rosetree for all you movie fans

You are more than your aura. That human body matters.

How do you know that one person’s use of the word “ascension” doesn’t line up with another’s use of the word “enlightenment”?

That smart question was asked yesterday by SARAH, at our conversation around Longing for Ascension? Ascension is a highly charged word in this new Age of Aquarius. It is associated with having a higher state of consciousness. Yesterday’s post was all about “What is ascension?”

Let’s not confuse that with Enlightenment. Spiritual Enlightenment is a state of human self-actualization. You are functioning with your full potential as a human being. Not that you have learned everything. Instead there is an integrated awareness to your mind-body-spirit system. Not a mood and not a wish but a natural and efforless state of consciousness.

You can learn a lot about Enlightenment here at the blog. Most popular is our Enlightenment Life List. My personal fave is the list of people from this community who have moved into Enlightenment. And this Top 10 Post on Enlightenment can give you a quick education that can protect you.

Yes, protect you.

Ascension Alert. Ouch!

ascension alert

Ascension Alert. That sweet longing for ascension turns smart people into dummies.

Ascension Alert! Beware dreams of ascension.

Granted, ascension is a charged word in New Age spirituality. Having worked professionally in mind-body-spirit since 1970, I heard the ascension idea long before it became mainstream. How long ago did you first hear that highly-charged word, ascension?

Today I would like to share a perspective fresh from now, living in this new Age of Awakening. What is “ascension”? And how does energetic literacy bring a perspective that could spare you a lot of unnecessary anguish?

Ascension Alert. Let’s Get Real.

Of course, ascension has a sacred meaning in Christian theology. As in, “Jesus Christ rose on the third day.”

Many who believe in The Rapture are waiting to receive a contemporary type of ascension. As in, “The righteous will stay with God for eternity. As for the rest of you, well, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. And you’d better practice now… how to hold your nose.”

Moving into Enlightenment, My Story. A guest post by SANDRA HAERING

Sandra in Enlightenment, ready for anyone's aura reading

Sandra in Enlightenment, ready for anyone’s aura reading

One more Enlightenment saga awaits you, Blog-Buddies, to read if you’re curious. Please don’t read SANDRA’s tale in order to worship her.

She doesn’t need that.

Nor to follow her example.

You are your own glorious example, you householder, on your unique and Divinely cherished path of personal development. Maybe you might like to call that “Human-Based Spirituality.” Because it is.

Pursuing Householder Enlightenment goes faster if you live as a householder, not a renunciate wannabe. And if you pay attention to human-type experience, rather than seeking The Romance of the Astral or the flashier forms of Divine blessing. These aren’t required at all.

You may not even experience drama when you move into Enlightenment. That is when it can be helpful to have an Enlightenment Coach, helping you to sort things out.

In the Guest Post that follows, I have added headings, links, minor edits as usual. What else is left to disclose? That SANDRA person has crossed the threshold. Hesitatingly or not, by now she is Enlightened.

Enlightenment Can Begin without a Flashy Start

I had read every word written by our fellow Blog Buddies who crossed into the Enlightened state, and also read Jeffrey Chappell’s book, “Answers from Silence,” several times. I found them fascinating and helpful, and that’s why I want to share my experience with you now.

Even after reading all of that, I still didn’t know when I “became” Enlightened. More about that later.

In retrospect, an initial crossover into Enlightenment might have happened in early September.

Why do we get cords of attachment, anyway?

Cutting cords of attachment

Blog-Buddy NICK asked a very good question about cord-cutting, Comment 341 at our most popular post so far about cords of attachment: Why do we get cords of attachment, anyway?

AMY O, another Blog-Buddy, followed up with a rather succinct answer: “Learning!” She’s right, of course. Down to the exclamation point.

The riddle of spiritual evolution


Don’t let the winter slog fool you. Patches of used-up snow by the roadside can discourage a fast grower like you. Plenty of dispiriting evidence is available of slow growth and obstacles — all the push-against factors praised in our last blog post.

Meanwhile, there are bright spots — like, for me, the gorgeous new cover of Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras. As you may have noticed, this new edition is in Russian.

And speaking of interesting parts of the world, I just read the most astounding update in Newsweek about a place I never had heard of. Let’s turn this into a riddle…

Face Reading Reveals How Your Gifts Evolve

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Gifts of your soul DO show in your face. They also show in other holograms — Aura Reading, Empath Merges, Handwriting, Astrology, Palmistry. Face Reading is an especially convenient way to read those gifts, as described in our last Face Reading post.

Today, let’s consider the very most exciting, spectactular, angel-weepifying… and usually neglected… aspect of how Face Reading reveals the most exciting gifts of all.