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Ghost Story. Un-Scary But Maybe Thought-Provoking

Ghost Story

Ghost Story with a happy ending. Just in time for Halloween.

Ghost Story? Today’s wacky tale of ghosts took place big, spooky building quite kindred to Hogwarts…. Why not tell that tale, as we celebrate Halloween today? A ghost story with an unlikely, upbeat message.

LINDSEY, New Enlightenment Validation

New Enlightenment Life Listie

New Enlightenment Life Listie, Today’s the Day

A New Enlightenment Life List Member? Yes, let’s celebrate our latest from the Energy Spirituality Community. Leaping into Age of Awakening Enlightenment!

Especially exciting? The Enlightenment Validation just happened today.

More Ghosts in The Age of Awakening? Part Two.


Ghosts in the Age of Awakening.

Ghosts? Two wacky stories about ghosts in The Age of Awakening. With an upbeat message since you can learn effective skills for protecting yourself.

Recently we completed a short but practical survey about ghosts, a.k.a. Stuck spirits, astral entities, astral attachments.

The recommendation I gave you was to choose ways to do no more than 20 minutes of Technique Time, tops, for each day. By doing that, you reduce the risk of slipping into either Spiritual Addiction or Spiritual Shutdown. Today I will explain more about how this lifestyle choice can helps to protect you from ghosts.

Arlene the Groovy Psychologist, Interview Continued


Blog-Buddies, here is our chance to continue an interview about Energy Spirituality, psychological healing, cutting cords of attachment, and other topics related to deeper perception. Arlene, the Groovy Psychiatrist, has superb knowledge about all that I teach.

She is also, of course, a psychiatrist. (Although “Arlene” is not her real name… and Arlene as a name would never, ever do well in Soul Thrill Name Realignment Research for this particular person, I am quite sure. ;-))

Decluttering with Energy Spirituality

Oy, I’m such a tosser. I’ll admit it. Both my husband and son are savers. But me, I’m a tosser. So decluttering, physically, has never been a problem for me.

My husband won’t let me forget, when we negotiate seriously over clutter, that once I even tossed the title to my automobile. This resulted in many interesting hours spent with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Washington, D.C.

Your Path to Enlightenment, does it help to try living from your Higher Self?


Blog-Buddies, with today’s post I’ll make it official that Your Path to Enlightenment is a theme on this blog about Deeper Perception Made Practical. We have, after all, been dancing around this topic for months.

For starters, I’ll share a recent email exchange with Mr. Enlightenment, Jeffrey Chappell.

(Unfortunately Jeffrey Chappell is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but he was at the time of this blog post.)

I had expressed concern to Jeffrey about one of my clients.  Joe had been trying to live from his Higher Self, as described below. And what set him off was what I considered to be a misunderstanding about Jeffrey’s book, Answers from Silence.

Ask A Groovy Psychiatrist, a contest for ex-pot smokers and other wisdom seekers


Psychiatrist “Arlene” has agreed, and I am… psyched. This new contest is a chance for our Deeper Perception community to explore so many topics, including:

  • The differences between psychological healing and spiritual healing — from someone who values both.
  • Given Arlene’s experience so far as a psychiatry resident, what she has learned about helping patients in recovery from addiction to marijuana.
  • Any general questions you might have for a contemporary and very cool psychiatrist — someone from today’s generation of practitioners.

Spiritual Healing vs. Psychological Healing, Quiz Answers


Yes, Freud definitely did Psychological Healing. Spiritual Healing is a completely different treatment model. Although either variety of healing contains many variations, underlying principles distinguish these two very different models.

Spiritual Healing vs. Psychological Healing, a Quiz


You might need this quiz. Trust me. Many people are deeply confused about which type of healing they’re doing.

Psychological Healing and Spiritual Healing are radically different models, good for very different things. Because both types of healing involve inner life, it’s common to mix them up. And thereby waste a great deal of time.

Ethics for healers, like fixing furniture?


Not every day does a comment at this blog win the game of “Stump the Host.” But such a wildly historic event did occur on Monday, November 15, 2010.

In response to my post about ethics for healers, PRIMROSE wrote:

I’m not really getting this. I don’t see why it’s unethical to say “I think you have this, I’m sorry I can’t help you with it”.