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New Age Versus NOW Age, The Age of Awakening. Part One.

new age v ersus now age

New Age Versus NOW Age — quite different approaches to protecting yourself.

New Age Versus NOW Age? Well, yes.

Last day, first week, of 2017, this educational blog is moving forth boldly. I’m tackling differences between New Age versus NOW Age with a little Think-About-It Series. Ooh, controversy alert!

New Age Versus NOW Age?

Seems to me, in many respects, some great-sounding New Age ideas, no longer work so great. Definitely, they worked just fine back in the day. Now these same sweet ideas might get us into trouble.

If you’re into protecting yourself energetically, or simply having a better life, take a look at what follows. What doesn’t work in this NOW Age, The Age of Awakening?

Psychic Coercion Removal, a guest post from SUZ

Good things happen when you learn to use your sacred Power of Command

Good things happen when you learn to use your sacred Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

When I teach skills for self-healing, I don’t usually learn the stories. Yet results are the whole point of the many different techniques in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. The  idea is to remove STUFF that impacts your subconscious mind and aura, then add PUT-IN that helps you express your soul better. Then you move forward with more joy, more yourself than ever. Personal growth is so much easier without all that energetic clutter.

Originally the following was addressed to me as an email. With permission, I am sharing this as a guest post by SUZ. Her words, my links and headings. Definitely my thanks to her for this teaching tale.

It’s me, Suz, from the blog. I’ve been trying to figure out how to share this amazing (to me) event. It has to do with some very uncomfortable psychic coercion and releasing it using your instruction in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

Let me preface and say that I should have learned something like this in the church long ago. (Like, everything in your book!) The church in general does a very poor job of teaching its people how to protect themselves. But that’s an aside from this story.

What Happened, Putting It as Nicely as Possible

My Qigong instructor of three years did some extensive energy healing work on one of my physical issues, with amazing results. (That’s a big story in itself, but not for now.)

He also read through my aura and decided that energetically, I was his peer and was already a healer, and he was going to teach me his branch of knowledge. (!!!)

After some months we reached a point where he was suggesting some mutual energy work concerning balancing yin and yang. Because it was “something I needed.”

Just a bit close and deep.

Psychic Coercion Quiz

Does psychic coercion make you like a marionette? Let's use a new quiz to clear up some fears.

Could psychic coercion push you around like a marionette? Let’s use a new quiz to clear up some fears.

What is psychic coercion? It is a form of STUFF that can get in your aura. Once globs or blobs or specks of psychic coercion get inside your energy field, this kind of STUFF can last indefinitely. At least until effective healing has been done.

So what’s the problem with psychic coercion? Energetically it’s the opposite of self-authority, trusting yourself, doing things your own way, self-confidence.

No, psychic coercion will NOT turn you into somebody else’s puppet. It’s called “Psychic coercion.” Not “Hidden Marionette Strings from the Fearsome Voodoo Villain.” 😉

Still, psychic coercion is a very serious problem for some people. Actually it’s a hidden, subconscious, joy-sucking problem for most people.

Psychic coercion need not terrify you, for heaven’s sake. In Energy Spirtuality it is just one particular kind of astral-level debris. One of 15 kinds of STUFF, not the only kind. Still, a very real kind of astral junk that gets stuck in an aura.

Psychic coercion limits a person at the subconscious level. Giving rise to worries and limitations at the conscious level.

Just because you may not have heard of it, don’t be fooled. Psychic coercion is a really, really common problem.

Atheist no longer, personal development through aura healing. A Guest Post by LUCY

Having Fun on Your Path of Personal Development

Having Fun on Your Path of Personal Development

Blog-Buddies, recently we have had some lively discussion about personal path to Enlightenment, about the difference between awakening and Enlightenment, and about questioning the existence of God.

This latest guest post comes from LUCY, who has begun submitting comments here as “Blessed L-K.” Here she shares her story of spiritual awakening, inspired by another guest post here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

What is really notable here, beyond the sweetness of one intrepid spiritual seeker’s journey?

Attention, observers of history! This is the first guest post ever at this blog to document a path of development many are taking:

  • Starting with Reiki or another form of energy medicine
  • Passing through New Age practices, like those for gratitude, protection, or seeking synchronicity
  • Perhaps dipping into spiritual addiction (although this one is not mentioned in LUCY’s article)
  • And then arriving at Energy Spirituality, personal empowerment, and human-based spirituality

LUCY’s words follow, with minor edits and headings and links from this blog monitor. Go, LUCY!

Surviving Convent School on My Personal Path of Development

Atheism, a guest post by PRIMMIE, Now an Ex-Atheist reminds me of how I used to think of myself as an atheist, too, when I was younger. Despite my going to a convent school for four years of secondary school education!

  • I resisted being converted to a Christian every morning while singing the day’s hymn.
  • I resisted putting my hands together to pray to “God.”

Protecting Yourself. 10 Tips.

Protecting Yourself. 10 Tips.

Protecting Yourself. 10 Tips. Aiming to help you during a time of NASA surveillance.

Protecting Yourself. Today’s article comes in response to recent news reports of upgraded NASA surveillance. 10 Tips await you!

Blog-Buddy JORDAN’s request moved me. When she wrote:

“I’d like to cast my vote for a little help sifting through reality related to this recent NSA news….

:I know I’m not the only one who thinks this is extremely important.”