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Self-authority, a guest post by Sandy

May self-authority light your way.

May self-authority light your way.

What does spiritual self-authority mean? Self-authority is one of the jewels in the crown of YOU. Because self-authority is how you know what matters to you, what is true for you.

Self-authority means your own heart and mind, your gut feelings and the rest of your emotional reactions as well.

Also included in self-authority are what physical sensations int the body tell you, plus common sense and worldly wisdom.

Many a new client has come to me with the popular New Age idea or religious ideal that, supposedly, there is an authentic self, a true self, a more Christ-like version of self, etc. And, supposedly, this must be consulted at all times.

Guidance and message receiving quiz, some ANSWERS



What’s up with you and spiritual guidance? What really helps versus what hinders?

Here comes perspective from my work, helping clients during thousands of session hours; using energetic literacy skills and skilled empath merge to learn real consequences of practices that are advocated in New Age spirituality and many religions.