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An Alarming New Age Conversation. A guest post by JEM.

The Romance of the Astral can be tricky

The Romance of the Astral can be tricky

Recently we shared an aura reading of the New Age teacher Teal Swan. It was in response to a contest prize for Isabelle. My original aura reading is here. And then Isabelle’s luscious follow-up guest post is here.

Additional feedback has come from Blog-Buddy JEM. Of course, this is not meant as a pile-on. Usually I avoid doing aura reading research at this blog about spiritual teachers, healers, etc. On the other hand, it is important to bring discernment.

You, Smart New Age Consumer, have the self-authority to decide for yourself what rings true. You may know I wrote a whole book to alert spiritual seekers to a dead end, the Romance of the Astral. And another book for protecting yourself also brings a very post-New Age perspective to The Romance of the Astral.

No previous guest post at this blog has gone into such vivid detail about that, The Romance of the Astral: Illusions, confusions, distractions for a sincere seeker of God.

Get ready for a passionate essay, folks, heartfelt and (to me) powerfully true.

As usual with guest posts, I add headings and links and minor edits. The voice below belongs 100% to perceptive JEM.

Aura reading Teal Swan. A contest prize for ISABELLE.



Isabelle, winner of our Contest about Deeper Perception

Isabelle, winner of our Contest about Deeper Perception

ISABELLE was one of the winners of our last contest in 2014, “What did you learn about deeper perception in 2014?”

Her choice was to have me read the aura of Teal Swan. Here is the gist of what ISABELLE wrote me when claiming her prize:

I choose Teal Swan for aura reading. Teal Swan is to me a fascinating person.

She seems like from a another dimension and has a true wisdom to share (for me) – it’s a never ending flood.

I am especially curious to read about her Root Chakra and her Third Eye Chakra.

Teal Swan has stated before that she finds it hard to be grounded, which I very much understand.

Also I am curious about spiritual addiction. Can a person who channels so much ‘naturally’ really be suffering from a spiritual addiction?

Oh, and I would appreciate it if you would use your Spiritual Snapshot selection of chakra databanks.