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Initiation, Mislabeled. Spiritual Path Consults™, a Teaching Tale

Initiation, Mislabeled

Initiation, Mislabeled. You may be shocked to hear today’s sound recording.

Initiation, Mislabeled? Well, yes.

Sadly, today it is common for spiritual teachers and healers to offer an initiation that is mislabeled. “A little ceremony” that starts to rewire the spiritual seeker’s aura. And in a way that person would not have agreed to, if presented with the truth.

So today’s article aims to help you to protect yourself.

Fact is, consumer smarts in The Age of Awakening begin with good energetic literacy. Aura reading skills show you what’s what.

Spiritual Snapshot of Art Wolfe, Aura Reading Part Two

Aura reading  photography superstar, Art Wolfe, concluded

Aura reading photography superstar, Art Wolfe, concluded

If you read Part One of this exploration with energetic literacy, you may be very curious indeed about the renowned nature photographer Art Wolfe. At the end of today’s article you’ll find more information about him.

Here is the picture which I will use to read his aura, using our new set of chakra databanks developed to do Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot.

About the aura reading that follows, tell your friends (and any photographers you know) that every photo is an aura photo.  At least when you have Stage Three Energetic Literacy (which is way easier to learn than becoming a professional photographer. It’s just a skill set, folks!)

I can’t wait to share with you what I will find in the second half of this Spiritual Snapshot. My first ever using this set of chakra databanks for an aura reading, and did I ever luck out on a subject!