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Blaming Narcissists? Energy Spirituality Perspective

Blaming Narcissists? You have much better alternatives. (Keep reading.)

Blaming Narcissists? Can you tell one a mile away? Today’s focus on narcissists is understandable. But you can do so much better for yourself. This article includes five practical tips. Helping you to stop the casual hating.

Or, if this idea appeals to you more, “Protect yourself energetically from narcissists.” (Find details in Comment #1.)

True Empath Empowerment Vs. Strong Boundaries

All kinds of empaths talk with me:

  • Skilled empaths
  • Questing empaths trying to find out “Who am I?”
  • Despairing empaths who believe they are damaged forever
  • Empaths who (mistakenly) think they know everything about how to be skilled because they now “pay attention to boundaries.”

Why Must Empaths Do More than Spot Narcissists?


To solve the special problems that empaths have with spotting narcissists and protecting themselves from narcissists, let’s begin with some definitions. (If you already know these definitions, scroll down to our fun examples of enabling “Pat the Narcissist.”)

As an aura reader and empath empowerer, here’s my perspective. A narcissist is someone who is chronically self-absorbed to a significant degree. To spot narcissists every time, you’ve got to read auras.

Narcissist patterns show in the heart chakra. Many other databanks in auras can help you spot narcissists, which is why aura reading is so necessary for anyone who is really determined to never be tricked again by a narcissist in nice-person’s clothing.