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Fake Positivity Shows in Auras. Series Part 2.

How Fake Positivity Shows. Part 2 of our “Authentically Positive” Series

Fake Positivity shows in a person’s aura. Such a head-slapper of an idea! It’s like, oh so obvious.

Except, hold on. Who thinks about that, really?

Who likes to admit that some of the hard, hard work people do…  to always be positive

Might result in an aura-aroma akin to overcooked cabbage?

Note: This article contains info that will be new to experienced readers of this blog. As well as being easy to follow for newbies. You’ll see!

What is a spiritual teacher allowed to say?


Recently, Blog-Buddy Nancy presented a passionate, articulate critique of my work. Searing, really.

She did a great job of presenting questions/problems that many people may have of my work in general and this blog in particular.

Today’s post is devoted to responding to those  concerns. You’ll find Nancy’s original comment following my aura reading of Newt Gingrich. To organize a response, I’m cut and pasting comments into an order that seems logical to me.

Newt Gingrich’s Aura as He Deals with Gray Slime

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


What does it mean to live at a time of Gray Slime? Things are changing on Earth right now, which causes some humans to rejoice (and maybe read this blog!) Anyone may use free will to embrace life’s invitations to deeper perception, higher consciousness, with Enlightenment drawing ever nearer.

One reason to develop full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy is to chart your own progress on the level of auras during this time. Right now, you’re probably doing way better than you think you are. Part of the trickiness of living now, even if you do welcome quick evolution, is that you are having to deal with many people who do no such thing.

Cutting the Cord of Attachment to a Stalker, Let’s Get Practical


Leonardo DiCaprio has just won a restraining order from a stalker. Three years of peace are, supposedly, his. The stalker in question is a woman who has been placed on psychiatric hold twice. Lately she has claimed to be his wife, pregnant with his love child.


The problem with having a stalker isn’t just the psychological and physical and maybe financial danger, etc. Based on my experience with clients who have been stalked, the craziness doesn’t end in the head of the deranged wrongdoer. And that’s not exactly the stalking victim’s fault. A certain degree of craziness takes up residence where no restraining order will stick.

Energetic Vampiring and Protection with Cutting Cords


Gladys wrote to me scared.

“I know that you are very busy and that you must receive a lot of emails. If/when you get a chance, please let me know what you think of this article re: energetic cords [ Link No Longer Available].

“Is energetic vampiring with cords possible? Is it cause for concern? How do you (really) know if a anyone is ethical?”