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Staying Positive. Part 1 of 5

Staying Really, Truly Positive. Part 1 of our “Authentically Positive” Series

Staying Positive. By that I mean, “Authentically Positive.” Might that be one of your goals in this new year and decade?

As the founder of Energy Spirituality, I believe I can help.

Do You Have Trouble Staying Positive?

Just how important is it to smile, smile, smile?

How important is it really to smile, smile, smile?

Just between you and me, do you sometimes have trouble staying positive?

Thank God.

Maybe you have been told it’s wrong to have a negative thought or feeling about someone.

Well here comes a Post-New-Age perspective. For starters:

Inner grumbles are only human. A simple “Dislike” versus a “Like” — why not?

Preferring One Thing over Another Is Human, Not Wrong

This planet of polarities requires up and down, hot and cold, day and night. Among all those contrasts, you’re always going to have your personal taste.

Does Trust Change in Enlightenment? a Guest Post from JILL


How does JILL handle trust? Is it all about staying positive, as so many people have been taught in New Age?

  • So many hard-working spiritual seekers today are working diligently to stay positive, avoid negative people, identify psychic vampires and narcissists.
  • Or is it more as Fundamentalist Christians feel, knowing they have been saved, so nothing can hurt them now? (And yet perpetually wary of being tricked by Satan.)
  • In my work with clients, I continue to meet folks who have developed a spiritual addiction related to guidance, whether healers or seekers or Christians or New Agers.