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More Ghosts After The Shift? Part One.


Ghosts, more prevalent now than before The Shift into The Age of Awakening


Ghosts, more prevalent now than before The Shift into The Age of Awakening

Ghosts. More than usual, I have been thinking about ghosts.

And not just because we are entering Halloween month soon. A season of mists and mellow fruitfulness (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) and wacky carved pumpkins (in America, at least).

You bet, lately I’ve been thinking about ghosts.

Have you noticed? More ghosts dwell on earth now… after The Shift into the Age of Awakening.

What is an exorcism?


Some of you Blog-Buddies have expressed curiosity about exorcisms. I would be curious too.

“Exorcism” is a word most of us have heard. But what, really, is an exorcism?

To this healer, facilitating an exorcism is simply one of the skills of Energy Spirituality. It’s not the first one I teach. In fact, it’s the last one I teach.

Facilitating an exorcism is not even included in my Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality, more like a post-graduate skill. Still, I do facilitate this type of healing when it is useful.

How often? One year, I kept statistics just for fun. In 2009 I did, as usual, a bit more than 1,000 session hours with clients. That included 32 sessions where the healing centerpiece was an exorcism. So this isn’t an everyday skill used in Energy Spirituality. It’s not unusual for me to do more than 32 sessions in a week! Yet the need for exorcisms isn’t shriekingly rare, either.

The need for an exorcism occurs when an astral being has entered into a person’s auric field and shares it, draining more and more energy over time.

So here’s your chance to gain some knowledge about an aspect of Energy Spirituality and aura healing where much confusion exists. As usual, share your reactions and experiences, and ask your questions, in the COMMENTS section at the end of this post.