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What Is STUFF in Energy Spirituality?

What Is STUFF in Energy Spirituality? Along with the shock of an unpleasant life event, people get STUFF. Fortunately, people can also heal STUFF permanently.

What Is STUFF?

Energy Spirituality uses the word “STUFF” to mean something very specific. Find out what, and you’ll take a big step forward in your personal growth.

Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz

Unskilled Empath Problems. A Quiz. Let’s have a down-to-earth conversation about being an empath.

Unskilled Empath Problems. Get wise to what can be causing you problems due to being an empath

Yet many an empath (And empath teacher!) does this. Have you noticed? They lump all sorts of problems into, “Oh, you poor, delicate empath.”

By contrast, here’s my perspective. Given my decades of experience as America’s most experienced Empath Coach. In the background, empaths suffer until they gain skill. This quiz can help you to gain some peace of mind. And some clarity.