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Skilled Empath Merge with Soccer Star Carli Lloyd

The strength of an emphant, only human, so let's read the aura of Carli Lloyd

The strength of an emphant, only human, so let’s do a Skilled Empath Merge with  Carli Lloyd

How does it feel to be at the top of your game? Especially when your game is winning the Women’s World Cup!

America hasn’t won since 1991. Then, on July 5, in Vancouver, Carli Lloyd scored three goals in the first 16 minutes of the game.

By 2012, she had already won Olympic gold and won a hat trick. Yesterday she scored another hat trick, the first in Women’s World Cup history. By the end of the game, America had won the title, 5-2.

  • Today a Skilled Empath Merge will report on my experience, moving in consciousness into the soccer star’s aura. Safely I’ll fly in spirit, using a photo taken yesterday, during final game of the Women’s World Cup. Then I’ll describe what I experienced, speaking the language of energetic literacy.

Blind Empath Coaching. Are Some of the Blind Leading the Blind? Second-in-a-Row Guest Post by Christine!

Celebrating the arrival of my second book for empaths, "Become the Most Important Person in the Room"

Blind Empath Coaching? Not here. Rose Rosetree celebrates publication of her second book for empaths. 

Blind Empath Coaching. In some empath coaching, are the blind leading the blind?

Today’s guest post provides a shocking perspective. As Blog-Buddy CHRISTINE continues to share her experiences as an empath. Go, CHRISTINE!

Blind Empath Coaching. The Misinformation

Thank you Rose and everyone who commented at my last guest post!

It is extremely frustrating when you awaken and try to learn everything about who you are and you find so much misinformation, so many contradictions.

Empath Discovery. Empath Empowerment®! A Guest Post by Christine.

Rose, waving at empaths and holding up a practical resource for empaths

Empath Discovery — that’s what Rose helps you to get. Productive discoveries, one after another.

Empath Discovery. It was a big discovery for Christine when she encountered the system of Empath Empowerment. Finally, an approach that worked!

When she wrote her first guest post here, she knocked it out of the park. (Gee, this home run talk may be the first time I have ever used a sports analogy!)

10 Best Empath Articles

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This collection of articles can help you at any level of skill as an empath.