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Answering 10 GREAT QUESTIONS about Lena Dunham with Aura Reading. (Answering the First Questions)

Lena Dunham, ready for her aura reading

Lena Dunham, ready for her aura reading

Who won Second Prize? Our most recent contest was What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? And thanks to Blog-Buddy BRANDI — and Comments at #2-3, 15-16, 18-29 — we’ll explore…

Who is Lena Dunham to share her life so thoroughly, uninhibitedly, and profitably?

Unless you’ve been living in a media cave you know lots about Lena already. Well, hasn’t there already been TMI about her?

Still, you may be motivated to learn more thanks to what follows (an excerpt from a scathing review of her memoir Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”  in New Republic):

Lena Dunham is “everybody’s favorite fun feminist and generational spokesmodel—a commercial proposition, to be sure, but normally not the sort of jewel of the Nile that would justify the reported $3.7 million advance usually reserved for first ladies and retired CEOs.”

Wow, right?

Awakening compassion about Lena Dunham

Or you might be motivated to learn more about Lena Dunham through compassion.

Oscar Nominee Lupita Nyong'o. Aura Reading Movie Review just in time for tonight's Academy Awards broadcast

Lupita Nyong'o, ready for her aura reading movie review

Lupita Nyong’o, ready for her aura reading movie review

Our second of six planned articles about Academy Award 2014 nominees begins today. Yes, today is also the big show. Those of us who watch movies don’t need a big international party to use energetic literacy to explore who really, really did a fantastic acting job.

So I hope you will read and comment on this and the remaining four articles I have planned with Aura Reading Movie Reviews.

To learn more about the process I will be using to compare the actor’s aura in the nominated role to the performer’s more usual energy field — that subconscious level of personal transformation that even most world-class actor’s can’t manage, see the recent blog post, Rose Rosetree’s Aura Reading Movie Reviews for Oscar Nominees… and a Contest.

Aura Reading Khloe Kardashian for Sex Appeal

Aura Reading Khloe Kardashian

Aura Reading Khloe Kardashian. Whether you’re a fan or not, come join our exploration.

Aura Reading Khloe Kardashian. Our emphasis this time will be on sex appeal. Might you be curious? Of course sex appeal shows in auras, in detail!

Lately we have been exploring auric modeling as a way more than skin-deep way to appreciate sex appeal. AMANDA nominated Khloe Kardashian after being proclaimed at our post, Winners announced, Aura Reading Contest for Sex Appeal.

Weight Gossip. Guest Post by Adam McIntosh

Weight Gossip

Weight Gossip — Wrong! Because pursuit of The Anorexic Ideal could leave you feeling as fat as this cartoon guy. Protecting yourself is smarter.

Weight Gossip. And why acupuncturist ADAM MC INTOSH doesn’t believe in bullying patients about their weight.

As for society’s Anorexic Ideal? That’s awful.

What I Would Want from Aura Reading, If I Were Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain, ready for her aura reading

Jessica Chastain, ready for her aura reading

Yesterday’s fabulous aura reading by JORDAN displayed the sophisticated art of aura reading movie reviews.

Jessica Chastain didn’t do terribly well with her Chakra Databank Change Points. Still, the aura reading research suggested that motivations for Jessica aren’t deeply artistic. Of course, it’s amazing to even make a living as an actor. She could have plenty of motivations in career — or in life — other than high art.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, Aura Reading the Oscar Nominated Role

Annette Bening Aura Reading

Marilyn Monroe — that’s hardly an easy part to play. Michelle Williams has done an extraordinary job of looking like Marilyn. Besides seeing some of the photos, and I have heard a sound clip of her doing a fascinating approximation/interpretation of Marilyn singing. But where will you find the aura reading research, going all the way down to chakra databanks?


Each year, I like to celebrate Oscar nominations by doing a special kind of aura reading. Stage Three Energetic Literacy makes it easy to research auras in detail, based on regular photographs. Choosing chakra databanks of greatest relevance, I will be comparing three different photos. Read along with me, Blog-Buddies, if you wish.

Aura Reading Whitney Houston, How She Dealt with Fame in Kali Yuga

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


On a day consecrated to love, let’s celebrate Whitney Houston. Let’s read her aura from the glory days of her career.

But let’s also bring ourselves a highly counter-culture Valentine’s Day gift — a revised perspective on love. Not everyone can become rich and famous. This is a statistical fact of life. Can we love ourselves anyway?

Beware fake faces, aura reading shows why

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Once upon a time it was shocking. Rene Magritte made a painting of a pipe and captioned it, right on the canvas, “This is not a pipe.”

Was it or wasn’t it? You decided for yourself.

We still can, only the stakes have been raised beyond the surreal. Is Fox Cable News “Fair and balanced” or just the opposite? Can faces of beloved celebrities — most female celebrities over age 30 seen in America, actually — can those faces be trusted as quite human? Or has cosmetic surgery taken them to a whole new level, more like part- human, part-robot?

Michelle Williams, Aura Reading #5 for 2011 Oscar Nominees

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Will Michelle Williams win the Academy Award? Each Oscar nominee for Best Actress in 2011 has been receiving my movie review based on energetic literacy, one blog post at a time. Although I can’t predict who will win, I’m sure interested in evaluating this final nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Yes, let’s explore Michelle’s performance from the inside out, at the level of chakra databanks.

Face Reading Three Signs of "The Anorexic Ideal," Part One

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Some people are naturally thin, as Ashley just observed in discussing our anorexia thread here at Deeper Perception Made Practical. (See her eloquent Comment 12 about what I’m now calling “The Anorexic Ideal.“)

Sure, some people are thin, while others work really hard at skinniness.