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How It Feels When You Naturally Ooze Charm. A Guest Post by SYLVIA


One way to deal with charm? An unusual way to pull the wool over other people's eyes.

One way to deal with charm? An unusual way to pull the wool over other people’s eyes.

Once again, our Charm Wiki continues. Recently we were having a conversation over at Aura Reading Emma Stone for Charm. Blog-Buddy made a string of comments that I will quote here. See if they make you as curious as they made me! “So nice to have read this post, Rose. I reminds of so many pressures I have experienced. Like Kylie described, there’s something about having a kind of wow factor that makes people take note.

“I had to smile when I read that Emma Stone can expect cars to stop even crash when she walks down the street. When I figure skate, sometimes there are kids on the ice. Some will stand by the sidelines and stare at me. Other times, young boys skating past will turn their head to look at what I’m doing, which then makes them lose their balance and literally fall at my feet!   “I also remember when I worked at a major university as a researcher. When I walked toward a door or elevator, strangers would rush past me — sometimes even breaking into a run — in the corridor in order to hold open the door for me. “Along with little boys falling at my feet on the ice, these gestures were very strange things to get used to, but over time, I have.”

What is it like to have that degree of charm? Don’t you wonder, too?

I wondered. I wondered in a comment where I requested that SYLVIA consider giving us a blog post about what it is like, living that way. You know, Blog-Buddies, it’s one thing to research people through aura reading and other techniques for energetic literacy. Even doing Skilled Empath Merge, the ultimate in exploring otherness, won’t tell you how a person thinks about being hot-wired for charm. Because no form of deeper perception invades the sanctuary of another person’s mind. Instead, Skilled Empath Merge helps you to experience what it is like to be another person. Okay, experience vividly. But not to have that person’s thought process. Well, SYLVIA graciously took the time to write the following guest post. Enjoy the reference to face reading as well as the references (in my headings) to auric modeling. Those headings and minor edits come from me. No way could I have imagined the experiences that brave SYLVIA shares here.

What is it like to have people bow down before you?

Jimmy Fallon, Aura Reading with The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks

Oh so charming -- Jimmy Fallon receives an aura reading for charm

Oh so charming — Jimmy Fallon receives an aura reading for charm

Note: Unfortunately, according to my research, in 2015 Jimmy Fallon moved into extreme spiritual addiction.

Today our Charm Wiki is expanding with this aura reading of Jimmy Fallon.

Thoughtful and detailed, Blog-Buddy ZELDA’s contest-winning nominee in our recent Charm Contest was… Jimmy Fallon. In Comment 15, she wrote:

“I’’d like to nominate JIMMY FALLON, the new host of “The Tonight Show.”

“I’’m a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. Besides the fact that he’s uber-talented, witty, and charming, I love that his sense of humor is not cynical or mean. He always tends to make me laugh.

“For those not familiar with him, he started out doing stand up comedy and then sketch comedy on “Saturday Night Live,” the famed American comedy show. He then hosted “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” his first talk show. Just a few months ago, he took over as host of “The Tonight Show” and has been quite successful.

“Besides my personal appreciation of his talents, he is definitely beloved by many and, from what I’’ve read, is known as being a really nice guy.

“His new gig as host marks a cultural shift and I think it would be fascinating to have a deeper look at the auric modeling.”

Let’s add today’s aura reading to our ongoing Charm Wiki

Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks

Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks

Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks — Brand new aura research at this blog.

Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks — just could make your day even more sumptuous.

Hope you’re having a delightful day, Blog-Buddies. It’s about to become even more charming and delightful, if possible. Not only am I announcing the winners of our Charm Contest.  I’m going to introduce you to a powerful new set of chakra databanks that you (and I) can use to thoroughly research anyone who seems charming.