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Joyful Name Alignment for KYLER ANNE FORD. A Guest Post

Joyful Name Alignment

Joyful Name Alignment lights up this photo of KYLER ANNE FORD

“Joyful Name Alignment.” That’s what I could call it, rather than simply “Name Alignment.” Calling yourself by a really appropriate name — which aligns with your soul — that’s the single easiest way to accelerate your personal growth. Even your spiritual evolution.

Is it POSSIBLE to find a name that aligns better with your soul?

A resounding “Yes!” Easily done, in sessions of Name Alignment.

Does it really help you, the name you’ve been carrying?

Quite a “No!” Possibly with sobbing included. Based on research that I’ve done for clients, it’s pretty unusual for your name to do much more for you than provide a handle. And honor tradition.

Meaning no disrespect to the folks who named you, most of us can do better.

Power Name Yourself

Power Name Yourself

Power Name Yourself. Because a name that thrills your soul is like gold, bringing more success.

Power Name Yourself. Because you do have a name of power. A perfectly normal-sounding, yet memorable, first and last name. Name Alignment® Aura Research can help you to find your name of power.

Blog-Buddies, don’t save this for your Bucket List. Put it on your list of things to do in the new year. At least if you’re interested in having a much, much better life.

Here’s why.

Simple Advice for Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery works amazingly well. Except when it doesn’t. Or when there can never be enough.

Today’s post is meant to help with the “enough” problem, not the surgical one.

GLADYS brought up cosmetic surgery yesterday, when we were doing the kind of aura reading research I call “Thrill Your Soul Research.”

Guest Post on "Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage"

Rose Rosetree does Aura Reading Research

Blog-Buddy Jessica just emailed me about my upcoming workshop, Goal Setting with the Aura Reading Advantage. This is a way to learn to do Thrill Your Soul Research for yourself. (No previous aura reading experience is required, incidentally.) Jessica wrote:

Here’s a blog post if you like, or just an update for you on how cool it has been since the goal workshop.

I saw in the [monthly “Reading Life Deeper”] newsletter that you’re holding another goal workshop and I started looking through everything I’ve researched this year and everything I have or haven’t done as a result and was totally shocked by how much has changed because of it.

So then I just kind of turned it into the third person, thinking it might be helpful for others to hear it from someone who was been there…. As usual, whatever you want to do or not do with this is totally fine….

Grace’s Name Change — A Guest Post


Once upon a time, Ann had a name that didn’t quite suit her. Two names, actually, both first and last. Recently we have been pursuing a thread about Name Change Research, the opportunity to find a name that produces great consequences in your life — not just because you like it better, or it seems to fit better in a vague way, but because the chosen name has real impact for realigning your auric field.

Name Change Research, Kathryn’s Triumph and Guest Post


Blog-Buddies, it’s always such a privilege when I facilitate the special kind of Aura Reading Research about names. So many of us are saddled with first and/or last names that wouldn’t work well for a horse and don’t work for us humans, either.

Kathryn formerly had a name that didn’t suit her at all. Let’s call it “Gladys.” Recently she did a session of Name Change Research with me and found a name that produced glorious consequences for her full set of chakra databanks under investigation. (They ranged through topics like emotional self-awareness, career success, ability to earn money, and having a fabulous love life.)