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Aura Reading Tom Hanks for Inspiration

Aura Reading Tom Hanks for inspiration

Aura Reading Tom Hanks for inspiration

Tom Hanks, bringing inspiration right in his aura.

Well I, for one, am so glad to be nearing completion of our 6-part series about how to deal with difficult people, with insight from reading people deeper. That series began here.

Important and practical? Sure. Yet the topic isn’t exactly pure joy.

And hey, today is our first day of spring (in this hemisphere) (that didn’t begin with an eclipse).

I could stand some inspiration, and maybe you can too. Besides, who doesn’t really, really like Tom Hanks? Beloved as the A-lister is, maybe he hasn’t always felt that comfortable being Tom. Not so comfortable as he clearly is now. Let’s find out.

Face Reading of Enlightened Tom Hanks, Part 2

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Let’s continue our Face Reading comparison of Tom Hanks in 2010 versus in 1989. You’ll find loads of background and basics about the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy — and the energetic literacy system of Face Reading Secrets(R) on our previous post.

Face Reading, How Enlightened Tom Hanks Changed

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Tom Hanks has it made. Apart from the usual great stats about this multi-Oscared, multi-talented, multi-mega-rich celebrity, he’s #79 on our Enlightenment Life List. He’s #19 on our Empath Life List. And, man oh man, has his face ever changed in ways that cry out for the full Face Reading treatment.

What fun, then, to compare Tom Hanks’ face of 21 years ago with a more current version. And first off, let’s give Hanks credit that he dares show Hollywood and the rest of the world his real face —  not some vanity surgeon’s version that makes so many stars look as if they’re ready for their close-up… with the taxidermist.