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Meditation Warning. Aura Reading Three Popular Techniques

Meditation Warning. Really, I prefer to write about joy. But, if you keep reading, I think you’ll understand why I’m publishing today’s very serious article.

Meditation Warning. Today I’ll read auras of leaders who teach three of today’s most popular spiritual awakening techniques: Where you sit, close eyes, and meditate.

Have you ever meditated with one of these methods?

When Maharishi Wept

When Maharishi Wept

When Maharishi Wept. It’s a pivotal moment in “Bigger than All the Night Sky.” Today I’d like to share it with you. Sound recording included.

When Maharishi Wept. This is one of my favorite teaching tales in the new memoir, Bigger than All the Night Sky.

Regular Transcendental Meditation vs. 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops

You can find a clickable, readable back cover of The New Strong at my website or

You can find the full, clickable, readable back cover of “THE NEW STRONG” at my website, along with many free goodies

Blog newbie CARL SMUDA has recently shared some lusciously thoughtful comments over at My Milestone with The New Strong. A Guest Post by BERNADETTE. In a pretty general way, I have thanked him in some comments there. But some of what he wrote deserves a more detailed response, because he has probably spoken for many.

To respond properly, I’ll quote some of Carl’s sentences below, not necessarily in the order originally presented but always italicized and otherwise not altered [except for one minor grammatical correction from this writer].

So here goes.

Some of You Really Get Why I Wrote “THE NEW STRONG”

Rounding in the Age of Awakening. Lessons from My Garden

Rose Rosetree in her perfectly beautiful garden

Rose Rosetree in her perfectly beautiful garden

Finally my garden looks perfect, no weeding required.

Every inch of the garden twinkles, aglow with a pristine white perfection. Because a fresh snowfall brings many blessings, and that is one.

Yet a certain garden-area chore still needs to be done. Blog-Buddies, unless you’re living on Mars, I’ll bet that you know what it is.

Shoveling snow? We’re ready.

Armed with sturdy shovels, my husband Mitch and I take turns. We’re scooping out a path from the house to the street. One small strip to begin, with more clearing to come in the hours and days to follow.

According to the weather forecast, however much show has already landed and stuck — at least that much more will come. Shoveling is to become a way of life for us, lasting a couple of days, at least.

“Words cannot describe the joy of this shoveling experience.”

What? I’m a writer. 😉

Virtual Reincarnation and STUFF Removal, Series Part Two

Butterflies don't just emerge automatically, nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?

Butterflies don’t just emerge automatically. Nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?

Usually I take a practical approach to STUFF removal, and probably you do, too.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality provides techniques designed to remove the 15 kinds of STUFF that can block (or sabotage) all your efforts to have a good life.

Usually, Blog-Buddies, I give a technical definition of STUFF in the context of human-based spirituality, aura healing and transformation:

In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, STUFF means stored emotional and spiritual energies at the astral level. STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Or perhaps you are more familiar with my definition of STUFF in a psychological context. In this modality that helps people to self-actualize:

STUFF means that emotional energies are stuck at a level within you corresponding to your subconscious mind. This causes problems noticed by your conscious mind. Consciously analyzing these problems won’t cause meaningful change. For that, remove subconscious STUFF and then add appropriate subconscious PUT-IN that expresses who you are more fully.

Well, today let’s consider STUFF, and STUFF removal, in a metaphysical context. This is essential for understanding what happens with Virtual Reincarnation.

Cult Exiting and Deprogramming, How Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) Can Help


For years, one of my quiet specialties has been helping folks to fully exit from cults. Energy Spirituality and Energetic Literacy can, each, help to heal cult involvement.

Leaving a cult is good. What is more important for long-term relief, and protection against further cult involvement? Don’t settle for anything less than true exiting of the cult. Plus effective deprogramming at a subconscious level.

This matters because otherwise a person fleeing one cult is very likely to join a different cult. Not unlike the high risk after gastric bypass surgery of developing alcoholism.

Spiritual Addiction Quiz – Answers


Today’s post will provide answers to the Spiritual Addiction Quiz in our last post. I dedicate this article to GLADYS, a new client who managed to start sessions with me right before tipping over into full spiritual addiction.

What TM really delivers


During our session of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING, Joe had trouble finding a way he wanted to grow. But I wouldn’t supply one for him. My sessions of healing are co-creations, where the client is strongly invited to use self-authority.

You know, I don’t wave some magic wand to deliver what a client needs. Instead I invite that client to give me a human choice for personal growth. That is what I  support during a session. I also aim to remind each client that personal development moves forward one personal choice at a time; any time a client attempts to give me his power… I will toss it right back at him.

Virtual Reincarnation, Aura Reading Treat

Rose Rosetree










Don’t let that familiar face in the mirror fool you. That person you see in the mirror today may contain a new life. It just inhabits that familiar body and face.

Aura Reading would reveal the nuances, and so might Face Reading, actually. Most of us never give our facial changes enough credit. We’re too busy looking for the cliches society has taught us, such as the (supposedly) desirable chance to “not change a bit.”