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Empaths, Beware Confusing Results with the Path

Let's explore how the system for Empath Empowerment® can prevent going off in unproductive directions.

Let’s explore how becoming a skilled empath with Empath Empowerment® differs from going in less productive directions.

Today’s post is for all of you who are using the system of Empath Empowerment®. Actually it’s for any of you who wonder why teaching empath skills is trickier than you might suppose.

Especially, today’s article is dedicated to DELPHINE. She’s smart. She’s growing fast. She’s enthusiastic about Empath Empowerment.

And she’s game to get as much as she can from this blog, personal sessions, and my group for empaths on Facebook.

Recently she inspired one of those funky “Teachable Moments” that occurs occasionally, either at this blog or on my Facebook Group for Empath Empowerment Skills.

Here’s What Happened, As Close to DRAMA as RES Gets

Coping Tips and Tricks for an Empath

Shopping for tips to help you as an empath?

Shopping for tips to help you as an empath?

Who doesn’t love tips and tricks, those juicy bits of fresh info? Ideally suited for the Internet, especially Facebook. Or perhaps a teleseminar full of encouragement:

  • Money-saving housecleaning tips with vinegar!
  • Marvelous makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger!
  • How about this amazing tip? You can dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of water to use as a hair conditioner. Afterwards recycle the mixture and use it to deodorize your bathroom. Keep this precious fluid in an open container, tucked inside the shower stall while you’re not bathing. Wow, that’s saving money!

Seriously, Blog-Buddies, learning new tips and tricks can be great. Just reading about them is entertaining, whether or not you ever actually use them.

Personally I’m glad that I read somewhere how you can crumple up old sheets from a newspaper (black and white pages only, no pages with color photos). Use them like free paper towels to shine up your kitchen windows. Yeah!

As an empath coach, though, I am not a big fan of tips. As the field of empath coaching grows, it’s lovely that teachers are stepping up to help. However, beware the teacher or helper or healer who offers you empath tips and tricks.

Why tips and tricks for an empath hurt more than they help

Every born empath needs skills. Skills allow an empath to have a much better life, no question.

I’m a huge fan of helping empaths to become skilled. Doing this with the system of Empath Empowerment(R) takes a bit of time. In simplest form , you could learn as quickly as seven hours total.

Skills for empaths that really work, learning faster than that? Perhaps a sample, like a little taste of ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s? This is not a matter of tips and quick fixes. Empath skills mean learning a process.

Empath Empowerment(R) was the first trademarked system in America for coaching empaths. It is still the only dedicated system for helping empaths, far as I know. Sure, you can find books galore with advice, sympathy, tips and tricks. The same with teleclasses for empaths.

I happen to think that empaths deserve more. You, for instance. When I figure out how to give a quality teleclass that really helps empaths, I’ll start teaching one. Promise.