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Stop Weeping over American Politics

Stop Weeping

Stop Weeping. Now is a great time to start something else instead. Using your power.

Stop Weeping over American Politics. What’s the latest from Trump and his enablers?  Horrifyingly, the caging of children. What if you can’t stop crying over that?

Today’s blog post isn’t just ripped from the headlines. It’s ripped from my power circuits. Ripped from my sense of outrage. And not only outrage at Republican politicians who join with Trump. But at people who squander their power when they could be using it.

Dear hearts, you could do better!

Going Sideways? Let's Gain Clarity.

Going Sideways

Going Sideways. That’s an imprecise term for several very different energetic problems. Let’s discuss.

Going Sideways? That’s a popular term among teachers of Traditional Enlightenment. A way of making sense of something tragic. Sometimes people stop living in a high state of consciousness and fall away. Why? What causes that?

Some call it “Going sideways.”

Well, this Enlightenment Coach brings a different perspective. Not only that of Age of Awakening Enlightenment but also energetic literacy. Which makes it possible to figure out what’s going on with someone. Adding more precision than simply mourning how Joe or Gladys has “gone sideways.”

Today I’d like to share with you the best I know by now about several very different ways of going sideways. From recent comments here at this blog, it seems as though some of you Blog-Buddies are worrying. And you really don’t have to be. With more clarity, I hope you’ll stop worrying.

Besides all that… What, specifically, inspired today’s post?

Truth Light. What You Can Do During the Trump Years.

Truth light. Let yours shine every day.

Truth light. Let yours shine every day.

Truth Light is a form of spiritual volunteer work. Can you take two minutes a day to help send the light of spiritual truth into America and the world? Because if you are, today I will teach you one way to do that.

Three things got me thinking about this. And then I had one Aha! about this form of spiritual volunteer work.

Blog-Buddies, first I will to tell you about these three WHYs. Then I’ll share with you the simple WHAT.

Staying Real. A Guest Post from BEV

Staying real -- each of us can find our own strength and live it.

Staying real — each of us can find our own moral strength and live it.

Today’s inspiring guest post offers wisdom on staying real. BEV is carrying forward the theme in our recent discussions, “How to Survive a Trump Presidency, “and also yesterday’s post,London Bus Conductor Effect. Bring It, Millennials! Others, Too.”

Towards the end of BEV’s comments, she quotes Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. So I found the link for us all who would like to hear and see this amazing woman.

Hillary Clinton is not just America’s first female candidate for president. And the winner of the popular vote in the election this week. She is the first presidential candidate in Enlightenment to run for this high office.

How to Survive a Trump Presidency

Some of us will never forget the grief of this election.

A Trump Presidency  — Some of us will never forget the grief and fear caused by this election. How can we bear it?

Yes, how can we bear it? And how will we survive a Trump Presidency?

That’s a question heard around the world. Abroad, the U.S. used to stand as a source of inspiration. Now we are feared.

Many of us in this country echo the sentiments of Guardian writer Jessica Valenti, “I thought I was just scared of Trump – but it’s his America I fear.”

How can we survive this?

Five Gold Rings Around Donald Trump


Back in the 1990’s, he seemed cuter than a partridge in a pear tree. But today, Don is more famous for saying, “You’re fired.” Can he muster the appeal, even, of five narrow gold rings?

Like him or loathe him. Or be indifferent to him. But read him along with me! Donald Trump has earned a spot on our advance 12 Days of Christmas.