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A trust workaround on the path to Enlightenment


Regarding trust, I would like to suggest a little workaround that can be useful on one’s path to Enlightenment.

In my experience, we have a fair amount of choice about whether we live in the present or take little trips down memory lane or give ourselves urgent conference calls elsewhere… into energy or What Would Jesus Do or seeking guidance from angels (approaches I summarized at the start to our last Blog post on trust, mostly written by JILL).

Does Trust Change in Enlightenment? a Guest Post from JILL


How does JILL handle trust? Is it all about staying positive, as so many people have been taught in New Age?

  • So many hard-working spiritual seekers today are working diligently to stay positive, avoid negative people, identify psychic vampires and narcissists.
  • Or is it more as Fundamentalist Christians feel, knowing they have been saved, so nothing can hurt them now? (And yet perpetually wary of being tricked by Satan.)
  • In my work with clients, I continue to meet folks who have developed a spiritual addiction related to guidance, whether healers or seekers or Christians or New Agers.

Umbrella Trust


I was raised in New York City, hardly the trust capital of the Western World. Tokyo is different: Larger, cleaner, and radiant with trust. It shows when I give people aura readings and do skilled empath merges. It also shows on the surface of life in this enormous, bustling, entrepreneurial, energetic city.

Last Saturday was rainy. Walking around during lunch, I found a great deli. Outside the front door stood a big rack where people had parked their umbrellas. I contemplated the prospect. I gulped. Finally I placed my umbrella in with the rest.