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Truth Telling. Guest Post by LEO

Truth Telling

Truth Telling LEO! Watch him go in this honest (but not raw) guest post.

Truth Telling. In this guest post, LEO describes how verbal integrity has helped him on his path of personal growth. Empath Empowerment® skills help, too.

I love everything about this article. Including how — from my perspective as an Enlightenment Coach — LEO gives excellent advice for spiritual evolution.

Truth Telling. Even When “Homesick for Heaven”

A few months back I heard Rose use the term “Homesick for Heaven.” That theme has popped up again and again for me in recent weeks.

Aura Reading for Truth and Nonjudgment. A Guest Post by Isabella Cates

Energetic literacy can help you be more kind, not less

Energetic literacy can help you be more kind, not less

Energetic literacy tells you the truth. By the time you develop dependable Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, you can research auras in person or from a regular photograph. Then you can trust all the nuances you find about chakra databanks, just as now you can trust yourself to read this screen right now.

Sadly, people are sometimes creeped out after hearing that “Auras tell you the truth.”

I can relate. Nasty comments can be wrapped up with pretty questionable aura reading, especially when a person has developed just Stage 1 or Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.

As for people playing with energy like a shiny new toy, the judgmental factor can be high. Even while accuracy is way low. Simply due to lack of skills, usually. Because that same talented aura reader could develop a fluent relationship with the truth that can be delivered with full skills of energetic literacy.

Of course, many aura readers do manage that. 🙂

Aura Reading Can Give a Compassionate Truth

What if society makes you lie or cheat?


Blog-Buddy RACHEL was recently reading Coping when something is wrong energetically, posted almost exactly one year ago. In Comment 32, she asked:

I’m interested in what you say about the need to always be truthful.

How do you think that carries over to different cultures? I have the impression that there are many cultures where lying – or, at the very least, not being truthful or straightforward – is normal.

I’ve always felt that it’s important not to judge different cultures and insist that “our way” is the best way of doing things, and that, for example, people in foreign cultures simply have different habits that we don’t fully understand because our backgrounds are so different.

Do you agree? Or do you think that in countries where it is common to lie and cheat (say, in business situations) are clogging up their auras with STUFF?

Is Face Reading Harder with the New Driver’s Licenses?


No smiling on driver’s licenses — what does that mean for Face Reading?

Even if you don’t do Face Reading yet, you may know that four states have adopted a ‘no-smiles’ policy for driver’s licenses. As Thomas Frank wrote for, USA TODAY: