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God's Valentine. You!

God's Valentine Day

God’s Valentine — you! Celebrate that today.

Yes, you are God’s Valentine. On Valentine’s Day and every day.

On this particular day, which happens to be Valentine’s Day 2017, here’s a blog post to help you feel this is true. You really are God’s Valentine.

Who You Are

(As God’s Valentine, you aren’t just anyone.)

7 Reasons to Give this Really Cheap Gift on Valentine's Day

Here's to Valentine's Day happiness!

Here’s to Valentine’s Day happiness!

Groundhog Day? Okay, that’s today. Yet for many of us the holiday highlight of February is altogether different, and never too early to start celebrating. (And that would include if you’re snowed in today.)

So let’s consider a really cheap, great gift for that big-deal holiday. Unlike the $133 that the average American spends to celebrate that yummy day.

How many ways can face reading be a superb Valentine’s Day gift? Let me count the ways.

And explain them a bit.

About these ways to enjoy the power of face reading: What follows will be specific to the system of Face Reading Secrets(R). Keep in mind, different systems of physiognomy have been around for thousands of years. Explore what makes each physiognomist’s approach different, because each would offer you benefits accordingly. I’m just an expert on this particular way of becoming a face reader. Well, here goes.

1. 10 great cheap dates for $20

Sure, bring along some chips and dips, or whatever your favorite soul food might be. Maybe light up the room with candles. Definitely bring along two hand mirrors, one for each of you.

Aura Reading Whitney Houston, How She Dealt with Fame in Kali Yuga

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


On a day consecrated to love, let’s celebrate Whitney Houston. Let’s read her aura from the glory days of her career.

But let’s also bring ourselves a highly counter-culture Valentine’s Day gift — a revised perspective on love. Not everyone can become rich and famous. This is a statistical fact of life. Can we love ourselves anyway?