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Energetically Safer When Living The New Strong

RES Apprentice Valerie St. John and Rose Rosetree, dedicated to helping clients live safer vibrationally, happier personally

RES Apprentice Valerie St. John and Rose Rosetree, dedicated to helping clients live safer vibrationally, happier personally

Would you like to feel — and be — energetically safer? This article will share secrets to help you live THE NEW STRONG, safer than ever, more humanly confident than ever, and moving forward faster on your personal path to Enlightenment.

“I Want to Feel Energetically Safer”

Here’s the beauty. And also the irony.

Quantum Entanglement. A Guest Post by AMANDA

Quantum entanglement? Whaaaaaa?

Quantum entanglement? Whaaaaaa?

One of the chapters in “THE NEW STRONG” provides a vibrational background on what we’re taught as children in order to play the game of Earth School. Objects are solid. Physical reality matters. We get a very consistent, thorough programming that helps shape an adult world view.

Blog-Buddy AMANDA understands the physics of “physical reality” at a more sophisticated level than I do, and made a small reference in a blog comment to quantum mechanics.

“Please explain,” I emailed her. Graciously,she has done just that,  helpful for all of us with any appetite whatsoever for theoretical physics.

Thanks, AMANDA.

Quantum What?

Quantum entanglement is what Einstein famously called “spooky action at a distance.”

Find Your Vibrational Balance in the Age of Awakening


Here's a hint about the nature of vibrational reality.

Ice can give you a hint about the  vibrational nature of reality on earth.

As I continue introductions to that new resource for you, “THE NEW STRONG” paperback and eBook, let’s take a practical approach today.

THE NEW STRONG is a way of life that’s open to you.

What’s the purpose of this how-to book? To help you turn the possibility of a much better life in the Age of Awakening into a reality.

Vibrational Changes. A Quiz to Celebrate Publication Day for "THE NEW STRONG"

Happy Birthday, New Strong

Happy Birthday, New Strong

Most people you know haven’t even asked themselves the first question on this quiz. You, however, will get to answer that question, plus all the rest in today’s quiz.

Responding to these 10 quiz questions can be a fun way to celebrate Publication Day for a how-to that asks and answers many questions of practical importance to people like you. Because like it or not — and know it or not — you happen to be a pioneers of the Age of Awakening.


Stop Fixing Yourself—And Actually Accelerate Your Personal Growth!

(Rules & Tools for Thriving in the “Age of Awakening”)