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Enlightenment, Five Years In. Guest Post by KYLIE

Enlightenment Five Years In

Enlightenment Five Years In. A moving, honest, inspiring guest post by KYLIE.

Did you think that personal growth stops after Enlightenment?Just the opposite. With Age of Awakening Enlightenment, you choose your goals and pursue them… As someone using your full potential in life.

In today’s guest post, Blog-Buddy KYLIE describes what has changed for her. Five years in!

Prepare to read an exceptionally honest account of one woman’s personal growth. Spiritual growth. Sexual transformation. And, altogether, very individual growth.

Virtual Reincarnation in The Age of Awakening

Sometimes in The Age of Awakening, enough is enough. Time to say "No"

Sometimes in The Age of Awakening, enough is enough. Time to say NO.

If you want to evolve spiritually in The Age of Awakening, including Virtual Reincarnation (and maybe even Enlightenment), use discernment. Some relationships require a NO. Not “I’ll keep trying harder.

What does “Virtual Reincarnation” mean? That you’re growing so fast, it’s like you’ve begun to explore a new lifetime within this incarnation. Sound new, like you’re not familiar with the term? You might want to research it: Virtual reincarnation — look it up here, for starters.

Virtual Reincarnation began happening during the New Age Years, 1980-12/21/12. Remember those years of big growth of energy awareness? During the escalating transition into our Age of Awakening, many of us began to use words like “Energy sensitive” and “Empath.”

In The Age of Awakening, You Can Move into Virtual Reincarnation

"I Don't Understand What You're Saying"? What Might Help

Many things in life are confusing, but your RES session need not be one of them.

Many things in life are confusing, but your RES session need not be one of them.

Last night I was all set to do my daily pinned-posting on the Empath Empowerment® Skills Group on Facebook when my eyes were riveted by a comment from somebody who undoubtedly had no idea how shocking her words would be to me.

“GLADYS” has inspired today’s post. Altogether I was too stunned, last night, to do the usual pinned-posting for the FB group. I’ll get to GLADYS’s specific words later in this article.

But first, let’s get to the general point.

Any time you have a session with me, what can you do in the unlikely event that… you don’t understand what I’m saying?

What I have learned about dementia from facilitating past-life regression

A new perspective on dementia through past-life regression

A new perspective on dementia through past-life regression

Life expectancy today shines like a gold coin. It’s amazing really, how you might live to be 80 years old or more.

We are so fortunate, living at a time when sheer length of life makes enormous spiritual evolution possible. Today’s 60 is the new 40, for instance. In case you’re curious, here is a link for calculating your life expectancy right now.

Long lives help to make it possible for us to experience Virtual Reincarnation, a thrilling possibility which is not at all rare among today’s spiritual seekers. Many of you Blog-Buddies have been through this, and I have too.

Today’s long life expectancy contributes to the vision I have for this Age of Energy. Because I do believe that millions of people living today have the chance to move into Enlightenment, and do it as householders.

Unfortunately, that shiny coin of long life expectancy does have another side: Alzheimer’s and dementia and other terrifying illnesses that are linked to old age. You know and love people who have died that way, right? I sure do.

Recently a Blog-Buddy asked, “Can dementia and Alzheimer’s be healed?” My answer was no, at least in terms of the work that I do. Sadly, I can’t offer help for these problems. That’s more the job of my colleagues in mind-body-spirit who work in energy medicine. And those hardworking physicians and other professionals who work in allopathic medicine.

By contrast, Rosetree Energy Spirituality addresses emotional and spiritual growth, improving behavior. Skills for this type of aura healing do not include reversing senility or other cognitive problems. Yet I hope today’s article will ease your heart, because I can offer you …

How Virtual Reincarnation has changed me. A guest post by Isabella

ISABELLA, not quite ready for the Enlightenment Life List, but close

ISABELLA, not quite ready for the Enlightenment Life List, but close

ISABELLA CATES is the latest addition to my Enlightenment Life List. Already a very active contributor to this blog, perhaps her collection of comments and blog posts will eventually include disclosing more about what it’s like for her, moving into this higher state of consciousness.

Meanwhile, I’ll let her bask, with privacy, during this orientation phase…. while sharing a guest post she had already prepared, in advance of that “gradual click” of moving into Enlightenment.

Virtual Reincarnation, a perfect topic for Labor Day

Isn’t Labor Day perfect for an announcement about Enlightenment? In ISABELLA’s case, this was preceded by Virtual Reincarnation (not that a path to Enlightenment necessarily includes that).

Maybe some of you Blog-Buddies have read our recent post on  Why Virtual Reincarnation Matters More to Me than Enlightenment, Concluding . The gist of it? Virtual Reincarnation can result from our choices in life.

The Slow, Subtle Earthquake of Virtual Reincarnation. Guest Post Part 2 by ZELDA


Some earthquakes are sudden and obvious. Others, not so much.

Some earthquakes are sudden and obvious. Others, not so much.

Virtual Reincarnation is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Moving forward on your personal path to Enlightenment,  there can be big changes that add up. Here’s a follow-up to ZELDA’s  recent guest post, Vocal changes as I evolve on my path to Enlightenment, a guest post by ZELDA.

Before the earthquake

The voice changes I described previously feel like only part of the changes I’ve experienced in recent years.

This week I’ve had a fascinating experience that must be part of Virtual Reincarnation, though I don’t spend much time trying to figure out how many different Virtual Reincarnations I’ve had. Or am having. Or if it’s all one. Or even what Virtual Reincarnation is exactly.

Five years ago, an old friend called me up on a Sunday afternoon and we chatted for four hours. That began a wonderful rekindling of our friendship with many emails, texts, and phone calls.

This friend lives in Wisconsin and I’m in California. She wanted to come see me and so worked it out to come last Sunday, after a yearly visit to friends in Sonoma, CA, which was quite near the epicenter of our recent big earthquake here in California.

I awoke an hour before the quake with a strong intuitive feeling of dread and danger. Then came the quake!

Virtual Reincarnation and STUFF Removal, Series Part Two

Butterflies don't just emerge automatically, nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?

Butterflies don’t just emerge automatically. Nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?

Usually I take a practical approach to STUFF removal, and probably you do, too.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality provides techniques designed to remove the 15 kinds of STUFF that can block (or sabotage) all your efforts to have a good life.

Usually, Blog-Buddies, I give a technical definition of STUFF in the context of human-based spirituality, aura healing and transformation:

In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, STUFF means stored emotional and spiritual energies at the astral level. STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Or perhaps you are more familiar with my definition of STUFF in a psychological context. In this modality that helps people to self-actualize:

STUFF means that emotional energies are stuck at a level within you corresponding to your subconscious mind. This causes problems noticed by your conscious mind. Consciously analyzing these problems won’t cause meaningful change. For that, remove subconscious STUFF and then add appropriate subconscious PUT-IN that expresses who you are more fully.

Well, today let’s consider STUFF, and STUFF removal, in a metaphysical context. This is essential for understanding what happens with Virtual Reincarnation.

My Virtual Reincarnation, a guest post by JULIE


JULIE, exploring Virtual Reincarnation

JULIE, exploring Virtual Reincarnation

Continuing our exploration of Virtual Reincarnation, we have had our first guest post describing in a personal way how it feels to go through a Virtual Reincarnation. After KYLIE’s from-the-heart article, here comes another one, this time from Blog-Buddy JULIE.

For you Blog-Buddies who are familiar with the concept of human-based spirituality, today’s article fits squarely within that super-quick way of evolving in your spiritual life.

On your personal path to Enlightenment, it could be that you, too, will experience Virtual Reincarnation, as defined here. It can’t hurt to know what that means. And implies. Especially since the nature of Virtual Reincarnation is so subtle… as JULIE describes so beautifully.

Two different lifetimes within this same lifetime

I may have experienced a Virtual Reincarnation. At least, each time I hear the phrase I can relate to it. Mostly because my life seems to fall into two halves that are pretty radically different from each other.

And a time in between of existential emptiness, where there was nothing. A time when the old life had pretty much ended, but the new life hadn’t begun yet.

My Virtual Reincarnation, a guest post by KYLIE


KYLIE in 2014, eating what thrills her soul

KYLIE, who has experienced Virtual Reincarnation

Yesterday we began an exploration of Virtual Reincarnation with this post: Why virtual reincarnation might matter more to you than spiritual awakening or, even Enlightenment. Part One. Blog-Buddy Jean added a magnificent series of comments, starting with Comment #3.

So now comes a wonderful guest post by Kylie, where she begins by acknowledging those comments and then proceeds to share her story.

Why Virtual Reincarnation Might Matter More to You than Spiritual Awakening Or, Even, Enlightenment. Part One

Question markMany of us living today have experienced a virtual reincarnation, that great reward for superb spiritual achievement in life. For someone moving forward in human-based spirituality, virtual reincarnations might matter as much as gaining Enlightenment.

Actually, this may be more important… than either spiritual awakening or Enlightenment.

Before we go into the why’s, let’s start with some what’s — basic definitions.

What is virtual reincarnation?

Within this same incarnation, you can change and grow to such an extent that you become like a different person having that same lifetime.

Usually a virtual reincarnation is preceded by a long dark night of the soul. By the time you recover, so many things are different. You still feel like yourself, deep down. Yet otherwise you can be so different, and so can your circumstances.

This way you avoid a rebirth. In that sense, it’s like negotiating to become a walk-in, while on the other side. Only no other soul is walking into this mind-body-spirit of yours. It was you before the virtual reincarnation and it is you now, after making the shift into a virtual reincarnation.

Perhaps you have completed the biggest learning planned in your original Life Contract. If you still stick around, in this same body and surroundings, sometimes you can start again. With virtual reincarnation, you avoid having to start all over, learning again how to walk and talk… and the other big-deal basics for having a human lifetime.

It’s a lot of work to be born and start over. Blog-Buddies, do you remember the big “fun” of birth? How it came complete with bright lights and screamingly loud voices?

With a start, you’re baaaaaaack in human form. Great opportunity to evolve. Yet uh-oh.

The horror of human life is inextricably mixed with glory.