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Walk-Ins, Really? Perspective from RES

Are there many walk-ins among us? Probably not.

Are there many walk-ins among us? Really? Probably not.

Am I a walk-in? Wow, do I ever want to give you perspective on that. An RES-type perspective. I’m writing this article right after a session with Joe. He was recovering  from an “energy healing” session when Joe was told that he was a walk-in. Walk-ins as an explanation? Really?

What a mess that made! Joe told me, that “energy healing” happened a year ago. Ever since, his life has been like before-and-after. Being identified as one of earth’s walk-in’s made that big a difference.

And not in a good way. Joe hasn’t felt like himself. Since then, he has felt just terrible.

So let’s provide some clarification, akin to what Joe got during his session (along with some additional aura healing skills).

BTW, at the end of his phone session with me, Joe was definitely back to normal. But geesh!

What the walk-ins have to tell us


Blog-Buddy ANGIE recently wrote in Comment #3, “Is this what some of the walk-ins are talking about?” The context was, “When E.T. saints come marching in .”

Further, ANGIE wrote, “Of course, I do not take everything I read for granted, but some of them are talking about what you do mention, and about an inter-galactic council which is ‘watching over Earth,’ they also claim that Earth’s bank system is about to change (especially this Summer, which, in their own words will be ‘memorable’) and that some day soon we will take place in that council of theirs….