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Spiritual Shutdown

Spiritual Shutdown

Spiritual Shutdown. Like locking yourself up, inwardly, to become safe. Safe or trapped?

Spiritual Shutdown. It matters, even if people can’t see it with the naked eye. Let’s define Spiritual Shutdown here, relating it to social problems.

Here’s a hint why it matters. Based on my research as the founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)… I’d estimate that 45% of Americans (and many others elsewhere) have fallen into spiritual shutdown.

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Denzel Washington

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Dreamy Denzel is the first Academy Award Nominee being researched in 2013 for our annual Aura Reading Movie Reviews. I greatly enjoy this year’s photo of Denzel with a gorgeous younger woman. We’re all used to seeing celebrity couples where the woman is young enough to be the man’s daughter. Well, this time it really is Denzel Washington’s daughter.

Olivia is an aspiring actress. At 22, she is the famous actor’s daughter, not his latest hottie. While Denzel Washington’s wife is 62.

Personally, I’m ready to give Mr. Washington an award just for Celebrity Sanity.